Texas LGBT “Log Cabin Republicans” group admits defeat – after Texas MassResistance gets strong “anti-gay” language inserted into state GOP Party Platform.

Chairman of “Log Cabin” group resigns after latest Texas MassResistance victory.

Follows a string of previous Texas MassResistance GOP successes.

August 15, 2022
ALT TEXT They're not really invincible if you're willing to stand up and fight back!

Texas MassResistance is leading the way back to normalcy!

On July 24, the Texas Tribune, a prominent left-wing newspaper, published a banner article, “We failed”: Gay Republicans who fought for acceptance in Texas GOP see little progress.” The article described how the Texas branch of the Log Cabin Republican organization, which pushes homosexual and transgender issues into the Republican Party across the country, was now admitting defeat in Texas.

But what was the tipping point? The Texas Tribune article specifically mentions the “anti-LGBTQ” language inserted into this year’s Texas GOP Party platform despite LGBT objections.

At the 2022 GOP Convention held in Houston on June 16-18, Texas MassResistance delegates Tracy Shannon (our Texas MassResistance leader) and Kevin Whitt and their group were vocal and determined. They insisted that the strongly worded language regarding homosexual behavior which had been dropped from the state party platform in 2018, be re-inserted: "Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental truths that have been ordained by God in the Bible."

The Platform Chairman finally agreed to submit a different but powerful phrase for a vote by the Platform Committee: Homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.

The debate on that plank was quite animated. A “gay” Platform Committee member and other “LGBT” people in the room vigorously objected to it. But Tracy, Kevin, and their group were not backing down an inch from insisting that the Texas Republican Party tell the truth. The “gays” were unsuccessful – and our people were persuasive. The Platform Committee voted 17-14 in favor.

ALT TEXT Tracy Shannon (left) and Kevin Whitt giving strong words to the Texas GOP Platform Committee.

Next, the plank had to pass a floor vote of the full GOP Convention. The LGBT contingent was fully organized to stop it. But Tracy, Kevin, and the Texas MassResistance team outworked them and were more vocal. The convention overwhelmingly passed it!

ALT TEXT The full text of the plank on homosexual behavior (#143) in the Texas GOP Party Platform.

"Log Cabin" Chairman resigns

That victory was devastating to the “gays.” Within a week, the chairman of the Texas Log Cabin Republicans resigned, blaming the new GOP Platform language and a “path of divisiveness” and “lack of respect.” A few weeks later, the Texas Tribune article “We Failed” article came out.


Just the latest in a series of Texas MassResistance GOP successes

This was just the latest in a series of GOP Platform setbacks for the LGBT movement at the hands of Texas MassResistance. In recent years, Tracy and Kevin, have been successful in organizing efforts to insert language condemning transgender medical procedures on children, same-sex “marriage,” and “Drag Queens” reading to kids – and language supporting reparative therapy for those who suffer from same-sex attraction.

ALT TEXT Planks #144, 145, 146, and 208 - dealing with Gender identity, sex change on minors, counseling, and Drag Queen Story Hour in the Texas GOP Platform.

And more …

In addition to the GOP Conventions, Tracy and Texas MassResistance worked relentlessly pressuring the Texas State Legislature to stop the legal transgender “sex change” procedures on children.

ALT TEXT Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller speaks at the MassResistance rally in front of the Texas State House to protect children from transgender "sex-change" procedures. Next to him (at left) is Weston Martinez, the State Real Estate Commissioner. At center in front are Tracy Shannon and Kevin Whitt.
ALT TEXT Inside the Texas State House were days of sign-holding.
ALT TEXT During the session, our Texas MassResistance chapter arranged for this banner to be flown around the State House!

When that bill got derailed by the GOP leadership, Tracy publicized how the GOP Governor, Lt. Governor, House Speaker, and Attorney General had accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from the “transgender medicine” lobby.

So success came: All this activism ultimately helped prompt the Attorney General to rule that so-called “sex change” procedures constitute child abuse under existing Texas law – and the Governor to direct the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate such “clinics” in Texas.

Texas MassResistance pressure also helped force the largest “transgender medical clinic” for children in Texas to close.

ALT TEXT Texas MassResistance activists outside the Dallas Children's Hospital "Genecis Clinic" that performed horrible "gender" treatments on children.

(Although the Texas Log Cabin Republicans publicly claimed not to support transgender “sex-change” procedures on children, they appeared to do nothing to confront or try to dissuade those LGBT groups and corporations who were supporting it.)

Final thoughts

There is a belief among conservatives that the LGBT movement is invincible. Not true at all!

A lot of thanks go to the Texas GOP Platform Committee for not wilting before political correctness or backing down in the face of anger from the LGBT movement – and to the delegates on the Convention floor for voting the right way. These grassroots folks are the kinds of Republicans people appreciate. But it also took strong, unrelenting efforts from Tracy Shannon, Kevin Whitt, and the other great activists.

On the other end of the spectrum are states like Massachusetts, where the Republican legislators – including both GOP candidates for Governor – have basically become water-carriers and advocates for the LGBT movement, and the State Party is too timid to take a stand on that issue.

We need to push every state GOP to follow the Texas example!

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