Bill Whatcott – Canadian Pro-Family Activist and Free Speech Warrior. His ordeals in British Columbia and Ontario on phony “hate speech” charges.

Bill Whatcott is one of the boldest and most principled pro-family activists anywhere in the world. The Canadian government has persecuted him horribly over his willingness to openly defy the LGBT agenda and tell the truth. But through all of it, he hasn't faltered a bit.

Updated March 2024

(2017-2019) British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal convicts Bill for passing out "misgendering" flyers

Bill was charged with “hate” for passing out flyers referring to a male transgender political candidate as male. After a bizarre week-long trial in Dec. 2018, Bill was found “guilty” and fined $55,000. See MassResistance’s exclusive coverage!

(2016-present) Massive attempts to punish Bill for passing out flyer during Toronto Gay Pride Parade

Bill and unnamed friends dressed up as "green zombies" and handed out flyers with Bible verses and health risk information during 2016 Toronto Gay Pride Parade. LGBT activists tried to sue him. The Ottawa government put him on trial to jail him, lost their case, and is now forcing him into court again. Included are:

(2013-2018) Other articles and commentary on Bill Whatcott

Before all this, Bill was actually before the Canadian Supreme Court in 2013 over flyers. And a judge found him not guilty of "mischief" for protesting in 2014.

Conservative media coverage of Bill Whatcott's "Hate Speech" trials

Commentary by Arthur Schaper at Town Hall, “Bill Whatcott: Canadian Pro-Family Activist an Enemy of the State?”  July 3, 2018.

Commentary by Amy Contrada at American Thinker: Free Speech Is Dead in Canada: The Persecution of Christian Activist Bill Whatcott –1/14/19  Americans must heed the warning: compelled speech is on its way. We’re already on that totalitarian road. Canada is just farther along. Our summary of Whatcott’s court proceedings.

See also from Americans for Truth about Homosexuality:
Canadian Judge Finds LaBarbera, Whatcott Not Guilty of ‘Mischief’ Charge for Protesting at University of Regina – 12/23/14

Bill Whatcott Responds to Canadian Supreme Court Declaring his Anti-Homosexual-Agenda Flyers “Hate Speech” – 3/6/13


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