Had enough? Citizens, take back your government!

Brutal fascist tactics against citizens

The homosexual movement cannot achieve their goals without eventually resorting to brutal tactics of intimidation and even terror. After lying and personal demonization, this is always the next logical step. And it will continue -- and escalate -- as long as the population is unwilling to fight back. (More postings to come.)


Gays threaten & harass Catholic church over marriage sign. But Catholics not backing down!

Threat to burn down local Catholic church & profane attacks after pro-traditional marriage sign is posted on church property.


This sign at the church that caused a firestorm
from the phony "tolerance" crowd.



Prominent homosexual activists terrorize Boston church sponsoring ex-gay religious event.

Police make no arrests.  "Jesus was gay" pamphlets also handed out.


Homosexual activists terrorize Boston church during ex-Gay conference while police watch.

Using coffins, signs, loudspeakers, etc. Demonstrators had no permit, but Boston police stand by and do nothing.


Homosexual activists terrorize church group in Worcester during Christian event.

Police force pastor to pay $6200 in "protection" expenses, but allow homosexual group to block streets and chant.


Homosexual activists terrorize pro-marriage rally; Catholic activist outrageously charged with "assault".

Also charged with bogus "civil rights violation" after pro-gay activists disrupts event, then fakes a fall to the ground.


Mother with 9-year-old son charged with assault and battery after reacting to sexual-laced verbal attack by homosexual activist.

Woman was targeted, set up, and provoked because of sign she held outside of State House.


Homosexuals harass marriage supporters with calls to private homes.

"Until my last breath I will fight people like you," anonymous caller tells elderly lady.