San Diego MassResistance parents protesting “Drag Queen Story Hour” at library confront disgusting anti-Christian bigotry by LGBT activists

Screaming crowd includes “gay” City Council member

Pro-family parents stand up to intimidation - see photos below!

October 4, 2019

Caution: Some of the photos below are terribly profane.

ALT TEXT This mother had this to say to the "pro-Drag Queen" LGBT activists.

San Diego MassResistance parents who were protesting a horrid “Drag Queen Story Hour” at the library strongly stood up to a rabid crowd of LGBT activists who came to intimidate and harass them with anti-Christian bigotry. In fact, the LGBT activists were clearly surprised and disheartened that the parents were ready for them.


In two previous posts, we reported how MassResistance helped residents in Chula Vista, California (a suburb of San Diego) push back hard against the “Drag Queen Story Hour” scheduled for Sept. 10 in their main public library branch. On Aug. 29, our team held a successful press conference which alerted a large portion of the city. LGBT activists were so angry that the following Saturday night they (allegedly) painted hideous Satanic messages on the walls of one of the churches where the pastor was vocal against the program. But the congregation refuses to be intimidated.

City Council refused to cancel it despite widespread pressure

According to many in Chula Vista – even some local reporters – at least 80% of the townspeople who know about Drag Queen Story Hour oppose it. Many people told our activists who were passing out flyers that they had learned about the program from the TV news reports and they were disgusted that the program was still going on.

Despite citywide pressure, the City Council refused to cancel the Drag Queen event. Three of the five members of the city council – a majority – had either publicly (Mike Diaz) or privately (Jill Galvez and John McCann) communicated to MassResistance that they personally opposed it. But the city manager and Council as a whole refused to do anything to stop it.

So MassResistance parents announced they would protest outside of the public library while the “Drag Queen Story Time” was being held.

Preparing for the protest

Leading up to the Sept. 10 event, the local MassResistance stepped up their efforts passing out flyers throughout the city, posting comments on social media, and contacting elected officials and city staff by email and phone. They planned the protest, made signs, and brought in selected groups to be a part of it.

ALT TEXT One of the local MassResistance planning meetings, led by San Diego MassResistance leader Tony Villafranca (standing at left).

They also coached new volunteers on some of the pitfalls of going against the political establishment. One member of the team, a Filipino-American immigrant, talked about the abuse he received a few days earlier while passing out flyers inside and on the public sidewalk in front of one of the libraries. The librarian came out and ordered him to leave. He refused. So the librarian called the police, and four officers (in three cars!) showed up on scene and confronted him. The man politely but firmly held his ground, insisting that what he was doing was perfectly legal. The police finally backed down and left.

The Day of the Protest!

On the day of the event, when the San Diego MassResistance parents got to the library the police had divided the parking lot in front into two areas. And a slightly larger crowd of angry, screaming LGBT activists was there intent on frightening and intimidating them. They had first marched around the library before settling in the area directly in front of the library’s main entrance.

ALT TEXT The police divided the area and were there to basically protect the parents (left) from the vitriolic LGBT mob (at right).

Thirteen police officers plus a city “public safety” staff of 80 people had been brought in to keep order. Thus, the city's stubborn decision to hold this depraved event was costing them thousands of dollars.

The angry anti-Christian LGBT mob

It was quite a spectacle. The anger and hate from people on the pro-LGBT side quickly began to boil over. LGBT activists were waving vulgar and profane anti-Christian signs and screaming profanities at the parents, and made obscene gestures at them.

ALT TEXT Most people don't realize how intense the anti-Christian hatred is. But when the LGBT activists are challenged, their venom and puerile vulgarity spills over.
ALT TEXT More messages directed at the parents.
ALT TEXT This man, clearly angry, is holding up "Legendary Drag Queens of San Diego."

At one point Chula Vista Councilman Steve Padilla went out in front of the LGBT crowd with a megaphone, leading them on. Padilla is the only openly homosexual member of the City Council. As we reported, he posted a hate-filled rant, which he's since repeated at a public meeting, making the bizarre and extremely offensive accusations that the Chula Vista residents working with MassResistance are hateful, anti-immigrant, and white supremacist. This has angered many of the local residents.

ALT TEXT City Councilman Steve Padilla (in foreground with megaphone) not only supported the LGBT mob and its anti-Christian bigotry, but got up in front and led them on.

Some of them began chanting “No Hate. No Fear. Everyone is welcome here” – and of course, "Love wins" - all of which seemed quite ironic given the hate and anger in their faces.

ALT TEXT Clearly not fans of MassResistance.

A man dressed as a woman ran around yelling “We love drag queens!” into a megaphone. Some members of the obscene, anti-Catholic group “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” were also in the LGBT crowd. Other Drag Queens were also there. One man showed up wearing a yellow animal suit. All in all, to the average person it was clearly a pretty disturbed group of people.

ALT TEXT This man wearing women's clothes came into the pro-family area yelling "We love Drag Queens" in his megaphone before police led him back to the other side.
ALT TEXT One of the LGBT "heroines".
ALT TEXT The virulent anti-Catholic "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" even made an appearance.
ALT TEXT We're not sure what this weirdness is supposed to mean.

The pro-family protesters stand their ground  with their own signs!

The MassResistance parents were joined by various pro-life, Catholic, and Protestant church groups that MassResistance had invited. A local pastor came with members of his congregation. Many brought strongly worded signs that reflected their resolve against the LGBT movement targeting children in the library. Some were praying. They all refused to be intimidated, and the LGBT crowd was clearly surprised at that.

ALT TEXT The parents stood and faced them with no fear at all.
ALT TEXT People are sick and tired of the LGBT movement thinking they have a "right" to push their depraved agenda on young children. And they're in no mood to be "polite" about their feelings.

Christian messages to answer the LGBT hate. The local churches and their congregations were definitely not going to be silenced by the LGBT activists. We wish it were like this across the country!

ALT TEXT A local Chula Vista pastor leads people in prayer.
ALT TEXT Obviously, the LGBT crowd hates Christianity because it tells the truth about the world.
ALT TEXT A few timely messages for the LGBT group! (As Arthur Schaper, at left in MassResistance t-shirt, passes by.)
ALT TEXT A little 'fire and brimstone' is good for the soul! It's too bad that most religious people are too timid to fight back this way.

Speaking the truth loud and clear! MassResistance also arranged for some pro-family speakers, and a church donated a podium. The people (and the LGBT crowd ) heard some very powerful messages from them!

Ruben Serrano is a Catholic activist and part of the local Knights of Columbus.
Famela Ramos is a candidate for Congress in that district (CA-53) and a strong pro-family advocate.
Tony Villafranca is the leader of San Diego MassResistance and was the main force in organizing the protest.

After a while the LGBT crowd seemed to run out of steam and began to leave. They seemed to realize that they weren’t effective in intimidating the MassResistance protest! It was clearly a psychological blow, since they are used to having conservatives fear them.

Inside the “Drag Queen” event

Inside the “Drag Queen” event, according to people who went in, there were mostly empty seats in the library’s auditorium – even though the library had told the public that they had received 300 reservations. This is not surprising. Many of the people attending Drag Queen events are LGBT activists who do not even live in the city or the surrounding area. So despite the heavy media presence promoting it (while ignoring or denigrating the pro-family side), this event was not a big success for the LGBT movement.

 In contrast, the wide array of conservative, pro-family activists who showed up sent a loud and clear message that they did not want this perversion in their libraries targeting young children – and that the LGBT movement was not going to make them afraid to speak up.

That night – much more action!

That same evening the Chula Vista City Council had its regular meeting. That’s where the fireworks from the pro-family side really came out! After enduring the libel from Councilman Padilla, the treachery and cowardliness of Council’s majority, and the disgusting display by the “loving” LGBT movement, the Chula Vista parents had had more than enough.

See our full report on that City Council meeting in our next post.

Waking up to the truth about “Drag Queens” in libraries

If nothing else, the LGBT activists showed the true picture and intentions their movement.

One thing that is becoming very evident is that the “Drag Queen Story Hour” push is not just a “library staff” issue (although any library staffer who thinks this is fine for kids should not be employed there). Normalizing aberrant sexual behaviors in the minds of young children is a very emotional part of the adult LGBT movement. The anger and vitriol that these “gay” adults inflict on parents who disagree with their goals is quite breathtaking. (As we’ve seen in other parts of the country, the pro-LGBT force often includes Antifa, which appears to be disproportionally made up of sexually deviant people.)

But in Chula Vista and elsewhere around the country, MassResistance is organizing to confront this deviant movement targeting children.

ALT TEXT Ready to go. The scene at a MassResistance planning meeting a few days before the protest.
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