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THIS SUNDAY APRIL 15: Patriots Day Tea Party Rally on Boston Common

To feature MassResistance, Scott Lively, Don Feder. Also: Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX), frmr New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

POSTED: April 12, 2012

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POSTED: April 11, 2012

The Tea Parties across Massachusetts are fearless when it comes to confronting the threats to our freedoms. It's certainly a refreshing contrast to the Massachusetts Republican Party, which has caved in and compromised on just about every important issue.

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is a nationwide Tea Party hero, and will be speaking on the Boston Common this Sunday.

LISTEN TO great interview with Congressman Gohmert on Boston's Jeff Katz Radio show earlier this week.

Louie Gohmert Interview

A major Tea Party rally to commemorate Patriots Day in Massachusetts will be held on the historic Boston Common this Sunday, April 15, from 1-4 pm. It will include both national and local speakers including many pro-family advocates such as Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Brian Camenker of MassResistance, well-known pro-family writer Don Feder, and Rev. Scott Lively, who is being targeted with an international lawsuit a Soros-backed organization for his pro-family views. Other good advocates include Rabbi Jonathan Housman and Rev. Garrett Lear.

Sunday's theme: Patriot Courage!

The event is being put on by the Massachusetts Tea Party Patriots, a coalition of over 40 Tea Party groups across the state. The bold theme this year is "Patriot Courage."

“This shall be tremendous,” said Richard Howell, co-founder of the Pioneer Valley Tea Party and one of the event coordinators. “These speakers were selected because they represent the true spirit of freedom and liberty which honors the tradition of Lexington and Concord. They are not afraid to take on the issues nor do they pander to the elitists."

The speakers include:

Congressman Louie Gohmert (TX)
Governor Gary Johnson (NM) - Libertarian candidate for President
Concetta - singing National Anthem
Diana Reimer - Tea Party Patriots, National Coordinator
Brian Camenker - Director, MassResistance
Jack Coleman - News Busters and Media Research Center
Rabbi Jonathan Housman - Congregation Ahavath Torah
Carla Howell - Libertarian Party, Executive Director
Don Feder - Columnist and Consultant
Ed King - Founder, Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT)
Dave Kopaz - President, Mass Republican Assembly
Rev. Garrett Lear - The Patriot Pastor
Leo Martin - Historian; Director of Education, Jenney Grist Mill
Rev Scott Lively - Abiding Truth Ministries
Tom Weaver - Show ID to Vote

In the past, these annual Tea Party rallies on the Boston Common have attracted thousands of people. It is meant to be a family affair and they are planning to provide patriotic face painting for children, as well as balloons and prizes. In addition, at 10 am Sunday Richard Howell will conduct a free tour of the Battle Road in Lexington and Concord.

Rep Louie Gohmert is a particularly popular national Tea Party figure and a great conservative voice in Congress. Gov. Gary Johnson is a candidate for the Libertarian Party nomination for President.

Patriots Day Tea Party
Sunday, April 15, 2012
Time: 1 pm - 4 pm
Place: Main Bandstand, Boston Common

"Battle Road" Tour of Lexington and Concord - Starts at 10:00 am Sunday morning on Lexington Green, Lexington, MA.

For more information:

Establishment moderates attack Patriots Day Tea Party event for having pro-family themes. Harangue speakers to not show up. Set up alternative "fiscal issues only" Tea Party event at same time in Worcester.

The odious phenomenon of establishment "conservatives" actively subverting pro-family activism they don't approve of has been happening for some time across the country (and certainly throughout the Republican Party). The most recent example was in Maryland, where the marriage battle in their legislature was lost because of the "moderation" tactics enforced by the establishment. But it's particularly vicious here in Massachusetts, where there's been a large-scale conservative establishment cave-in on the homosexual issue since the "gay marriage" ruling.

In an outrageous move, a small of group of fiscal-conservative Tea Party leaders has begun a vicious campaign to subvert Sunday's Patriots Day Tea Party on the Boston Common because three of the speakers - Scott Lively, Brian Camenker, and Rep. Louie Gohmert -- are known for their pro-family stands.

They claim that all Tea Party events must be only about fiscal issues -- a "rule" which they feel they must personally enforce. They have started a campaign with a flood of vicious Internet postings and emails. They have contacted some of the other speakers to persuade them to withdraw. They have even set up an opposing "Tax Day Tea Party" event at the same time that day in Worcester. And they are using the local media and other venues to attempt to get people to go there instead of the Boston Common.

Anti-family "conservative" Tea Party leader Christen Varley has organized the efforts to subvert and hopefully shut down Sunday's Patriot's Day Tea Party because pro-family speakers are appearing there.

Here is just a small example of the flood of postings and messages targeting statewide Tea Party activists (all quotes are verbatim):

A sample of Facebook postings on Tea Party websites:

Feb. 11 - Christen Varley: [Before the speakers were announced]

Tell you what - once you guys publish your list of speakers and we can see there are no homophobic, hateful, foul mouthed hate mongers coming, we'll share. Or is you-know-who your headliner?

April 2 - Christen Varley: [After the speakers were announced]

So Brain Camenker won't talk about the mechanics of homosexual sex this time? Wouldn't want to offend any families!

April 4 - Christine Morabito

You may not want to be associating with this Boston rally on the 15th. At least 2 of the speakers are vehemently anti-gay and are well known for saying so in public. That's why GBTP can have nothing to do with it. The media will have a field day! Just hope it doesn't damaged the movement too much.

April 6 - [Patrick Humphries posted YouTube video attacking Rep. Louie Gohmert for his stand in Congress against federal hate crime legislation. It was followed by these posts:]

Patrick Humphries: From Louie's own mouth . . . sounds like he will be among friends on Boston common. This is NOT part of the Tea Party messaage.

Christen Varley: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Christine Morabito: They couldn't embarrass us more if they tried.

April 9 - Email sent statewide by Varley and Morabito:

Our concern about this event and how it could reflect on the tea party movement as a whole was reinforced when we saw the list of speakers. We are appalled at the inclusion of two speakers that routinely "preach" anti-gay sentiments. There is no room for this at a tea party rally. It is irrelevant at best and could prove to be harmful to the reputation and work of tea party activists everywhere. The GBTP has an excellent reputation as a policy advocacy organization that engages taxpayers and voters in the political process. We have good relationships with elected officials and respectful relationships with the Boston, massachusetts and national media. It has taken years of consisten and mission driven activity to get us to where we are and we are very concerned this event damage could our reputation.
Now the news has gone national. [NOTE: Link is to vile homosexual blog.] We will do our best to distance the Greater Boston Tea Party from this event and will continue to stress that, despite the location of this rally on the Boston Common, we are in no way part of it and do not condone it.

April 12 - Christine Morabito

To be honest with you, I’ve been sick to my stomach ever since I heard rumors of the Mass Tea Party Coalition’s plan to host a rally on social issues. I was sickened further when we got confirmation of the speakers, 2 of whom are well-known gay-bashers. You say you are unfamiliar with the speakers in question. I urge you to do some research. What you will find are speeches claiming that gays can be “cured” and even that they are “going to hell.” This kind of talk is incredibly judgmental, bigoted and discriminatory and GBTP will have no part of it.

And it's gone on and on. You'll notice that they use of the Left's terminology when describing pro-family activists:, e.g., "bigoted", "anti-gay," "homophobic." And they make good use of the Saul Alinsky tactic of "isolate, freeze, and escalate." They identified the particular speakers they don't like and have been demonizing them over and over. This is all meant to cause intimidation and to silence everyone else. Not exactly the spirit of the Tea Party.

Who are these people?

Christen Varley is a co-founder and spokesperson of the Greater Boston Tea Party (GBTP). It is basically a shell group consisting mostly of a 7-member Board and a large mailing list, But using the "Greater Boston" title they have staged several large events, and Varley has positioned herself with the liberal Boston media as the state's "reasonable" Tea Party representative -- and has often been quoted in news stories and invited on radio talk shows to the exclusion of other Tea Party leaders.

Varley has long seen herself as an enforcer against pro-family subjects being brought up at any Tea Party meetings in the state -- even those to which she has no connection. In 2010 she orchestrated the shutting down of a large Lexington Tea Party rally -- organized by others -- by haranguing the main speakers to withdraw (and then bragging about it). Later that year she attempted to shut down a similar South Boston Tea Party rally, but was unsuccessful.

Although Varley moved back to Ohio several months ago, she continues to work with the GBTP to carry on her anti-family crusade here via phone and email, even appearing recently on local Boston radio.

Christine Morabito and Patrick Humphries are longtime cohorts of Varley and fellow board members at GBTP.

Varley is the main organizer of the alternative Worcester event, along with the other GBTP board members and various state Republican Party types, mushy Republican state reps (fearful of the Boston Globe's opinion of them), and others.

But guess what: The pressure's not working!

To their credit, none of the 40-plus Tea Parties in the group running the Boston Common event have budged an inch in response to Varley's and Morabito's flood of harangues and negativity. If anything, they are even more resolute that a broad, diverse message is necessary for our freedom. And many are increasingly angry -- as they should be -- that an outsider (who now lives in another state!) should try give them orders on how to run their event.

Big crowds are expected! After all, the celebration of freedom covers many fronts.

No Room for WHINOS: Rev. Scott Lively answers back!

As the establishment's screeds against the rally raced over the Internet, on the radio, and elsewhere, Rev. Scott Lively answered back with this hard-hitting message on Friday. It was quickly embraced by the supporters of the rally and has been widely linked to and re-posted:

No Room for WHINOS in the Tea Party Movement

First we got RINOs, now it's WHINOS, so-called conservatives who whine about being criticized by the leftist media on social issues. There's a handful of WHINOs making a stink about my participation in the upcoming April 15th rally on the Boston Common, because they're afraid my Biblical views on homosexuality will "taint the movement." Well I have news for these WHINOs. I haven't backed down from the liberals. I'm certainly not going to back down from you.

My family's roots in this region go back to the 1600s, and my ancestors were among those who pledged "their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor" for the cause of freedom. If this movement which takes its name from those men of true courage allows itself to be stampeded by an increasingly toothless "mainstream media," it might as well give up and go home.

As for me, I will stand firmly on ALL the values of the Founding Fathers, not just the ones the Boston Media will tolerate. And like the Founders, I will be true to those values whether I win or lose political battles, because without them there is nothing left worth fighting for.

Pastor Scott Lively
Springfield, MA

We couldn't say it any better.

However, Brian Camenker of MassResistance did respond with the following in an email to state Tea Party leaders, regarding "fiscal" issues only being discussed:

I would suggest that those Tea Party critics take a look at some of the things that their TAX MONEY has been paying for in the public schools. The "Fistgate" tapes. The "Little Black Book". The annual taxpayer sponsored "transgender" events for kids, where kids are brought to mingle with adult men wearing women's clothes, and adult men involved with S&M and other interesting behaviors. The "anal sex" pamphlets and material given to kids at state-sponsored events. And there's a LOT more I could mention, but can't really without making a lot of people sick.

As Thomas Jefferson talked about, I'd like to know what good it is to be able to earn money if it's going to be taxed and have this happen to people's kids?

The response by Tea Party leaders was overwhelmingly positive.

Outrageous: Nasty anti-family Tea Party leader honored by GOP state reps & "pro-family" establishment. (The Massachusetts WHINOs.).

If people in other states want to see how anti-conservative the establishment pro-family movement is capable of becoming, they only have to look at Massachusetts. There's been a large-scale conservative establishment cave-in on the homosexual issue since the "gay marriage" ruling and open hostility toward groups and activists who veer from the approved "moderate" approach to that issue.

Probably the most vehement over the past few years has been anti-family "conservative" Christen Varley (see above).

Shockingly, when Varley decided to move back to Ohio last December, the "conservative" establishment held a party for her and presented her with an interesting going-away gift arranged by Republican legislators.

Presented "certificate or recognition" at "pro-family" party

The going-away party was apparently organized by a part of the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI). (MFI has recently announced its support for civil unions [LINK] as a solution to the California Prop 8 Marriage court fight.) Also in attendance, we were told, were a group of WHINO-type Republican State Reps.

Varley was presented with a "certificate of recognition" on behalf of the (uber-liberal) Massachusetts House of Representatives. It was signed by House Speaker Robert DeLeo, a tireless supporter of the homosexual lobby who had just finished pushing through the odious "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" Bill.

The certificate was arranged by Republican State Reps Paul Adams and Jim Lyons. It was also signed by Republican State Reps Steven Levy, Ryan Fattman, Kevin Kuros, Daniel Webster, Geoff Diehl, Richard Bastien, Nicholas Boldyga, and Keiko Orrall.

What a disgrace, and an offense to hard-working citizens who have been affected by Varley's odious tactics.

In talking to a few of these reps (and it's always a weird conversation), it's pretty clear what's happened to them. Most of these GOP reps were considered "pro-family" (and some even were considered "principled") when they were elected. But now they're afraid of offending the liberal establishment and being called names. So they're embarrassing themselves with this kind of nonsense.

At this point, in the entire 200-member Massachusetts Legislature we can think of only a handful that we'd support for re-election. And some of those are Democrats.