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Commentary: Conservatives need to wake up & see the threat.

"Social" and "fiscal" issues the same to those out to destabilize society.

POSTED: May 4, 2012

When the radical homosexual organizations and the "Occupy" movement team up to brutally stop a Tea Party rally, what else do you need to know? They are clearly natural allies in the effort to destabilize our society.

A vocal minority of Tea Party people in Massachusetts were skittish and upset when the Tea Party Coalition decided to include so-called "social issues" in their repertoire of topics for that event. "It will hurt our brand" or "it will alienate people" or "it's not what the Tea Party is about" were some whines we all heard.

Well, guess what? They rioters see it all as one big movement. They understand that "social issues" and "fiscal issues" are two sides of the same coin that can radically change America. (And of course, that's how every philosopher from Marx to Jefferson saw it, because it is so.) A nation's fiscal policies are merely the product of its overall morality and ideology. To have a solid constitutional government along with a population that can't control its passions or morality is simply a pipe dream.

(In fact, the rioters jeered Carla Howell, a fiscal-issues-only Libertarian speaker — who took pains to inform them she is pro-gay marriage! — just as loudly that day!)

But more importantly, this event should make it clear that as soon as the Tea Party — or anyone — gets in the radicals' way, this is what will happen. These people have no rules except to destroy those who disagree with them. You think you can agree with them on "gay rights" but disagree with them on taxes? Think again. With these people it's all or nothing. And so it should also be with those who are fighting for what's right.

Stopping the "progressive" juggernaut is ultimately a much bigger and nastier fight than a lot of conservatives or Tea Partiers probably thought they'd be in. But that's what we have before us. Are you up for it? We are.


Very interesting interview: The morning after the event, Jeff Katz of AM 1200 radio in Boston interviewed both Christine Morabito, the leader of the "fiscal only" Tea Party (which held a competing event in Worcester) and Rich Howell, organizer of the Patriots Day Tea Party event on the Boston Common (which was assaulted by the rioters). Morabito is, in our opinion, clueless. Rich gets it. Listen to the interview HERE.


Some handouts from the event:

At the left, what the Tea Party handed out. At right, what the Occupy thugs who were disrupting the event were distributing. Pretty descriptive, we'd say.

And . . .

This was also handed to us at the event (we're not kidding). It's obviously the Occupy movement's political and idological drink of choice.