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Screaming thugs from homosexual groups and "Occupy Boston" disrupt & drown out peaceful April 15 "Patriots Day" Tea Party rally on Boston Common

Boston police mostly stand and watch.

See below: PHOTOS . . . And 5 VIDEOS of what went on!

POSTED: May 3, 2012

CAUTION: Photos and videos below include disturbing images.

Over 100 screaming thugs from local homosexual groups and "Occupy Boston" converged on the peaceful April 15 "Patriots Day Rally" on the Boston Common to disrupt the event, drown out the speakers, and attempt to terrify the attendees. The Massachusetts Tea Party Coalition had a permit and had brought families with young children, but the Boston Police showed no interest in protecting the event from the rioters.

The Patriots Day Tea Party started off this way . . .

. . . But before long this is what the families and kids had to listen to.

Throughout the three-hour event they waved vulgar and harassing signs and screamed offensive and blasphemous chants and slogans as the attendees tried to hear the speakers. One of them screamed through a bullhorn. They also played music from a boom box. They came and stood right in midst of the Tea Party crowd, occasionally marching around the podium, and then back again into the crowd. Several of them marched with two large banners supporting the homosexual movement and "class warfare" which they also brought into the crowd.

They particularly wanted to insult and offend religious Tea Party people. They waved signs like "Jesus had 2 dads" and screamed loud chants such as "1-2-3-4-5, Fetuses are not alive."

Man holding "gay Christian" sign is Don Gorton, a major Boston homosexual activist currently pushing "anti-bullying" programs in Massachusetts schools.

His homosexual group "Join the Impact" was well represented here. A few years ago the group organized an attack on a church,

This refers to the anger that cross-dressers have against conservatives.

But what had really angered the rioters was the presence of two speakers, Rev. Scott Lively and Brian Camenker of MassResistance. Both of them are known to be critical of the homosexual movement. Camenker often speaks about the state funding for graphic homosexual programs in the schools. The rioters decided that no Tea Party event should be allowed to include these subject — and they came to enforce that.

The Boston police showed no interest in intervening. Although the Tea Party had a permit from the City of Boston for the event — which supposedly guarantees "quiet enjoyment without harassment" — the Boston police mostly stood to the side and did nothing despite pleas from the Tea Party organizers. At one point a few of the rioters were arrested when they began to get violent. But the police allowed the loud, outrageous, and vulgar disruption by the rest of them to continue throughout the event.

Read more on the disgraceful inaction by the Boston Police (with photos) HERE.

The event was sponsored by the Massachusetts Tea Party Coalition, a group of approximately 40 Tea Parties around Massachusetts. Tea Party members came from across the state, including families with children. (There was even a face-painting booth for kids.) They had come to hear about a dozen speakers on various subjects ranging from American history to media bias. The keynote speaker was Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), who flew to Boston from Texas for the event. (Attendance was depressed by reports of expected disruptions.)

For those elsewehere in the country, pay close attention. This will happen to you.

GRAPHIC VIDEOS of homosexual and Occupy thugs storming and disrupting the Tea Party event on Boston Common:

VIDEO 1: Rioters converge on Tea Party event screaming chants and slogans. Police initially arrest a few. (7:56)

VIDEO 2: In the crowd — after the arrests the rioters became more out of control, taunted police, and continued screaming. (3:50)

VIDEO 3: Rioters use bullhorn, some becoming hysterical, with boom box music. Police inaction also continues. (10:20)

VIDEO 4: Rioters scream at police near podium, then march back into crowd and continue disrupting event. (4:26)

VIDEO 5: During closing prayer, rioters get closer to podium to drown out pastor with disgusting chants and screams. (6:37)

Several of the female homosexual activists became hysterical as they screeched at the top of their lungs and jumped around. Displaying as much anger and emotion as possible, the assault was clearly calculated to instill fear in the Tea Party attendees, drown out the speakers, and essentially to shut down the event.

More signs to intimidate and harass the family gathering

Even though the Tea Party people had a permit, the police wouldn't let us eject anyone from the area because of their "free speech" rights to express themselves at the event.

The stylized "A" is the symbol for "Anarchist" -- overlaying the "feminist" symbol.

During the closing prayer they were especially loud and hateful, to the point that people could barely hear it over the blasphemous screams unless they were close to the podium (See video #5 above).

For the Tea Party members and their families who came to hear the speeches, it was indeed shocking and terrifying. As a result, many attendees left as soon as the thugs came, or soon after. Safety for kids, or even adults, was in doubt.

Most of the people who stayed appeared to be so stunned at the situation — the screams and the vulgarity, and the police there but doing nothing — that they weren't sure how to react. So most just stood and endured it.

Assault well planned and choreographed

This was by no means a spontaneous hit. In fact, days before the event, the Occupy Boston site and homosexual activists indicated through their Internet postings that they would be coming to disrupt the rally.

It was all very well planned and choreographed. The signs, chants, slogans, banners, and marches were carefully put together and obviously rehearsed well in advance. Even their hysterical screaming seemed coordinated. They even brought their own camera crew. We were able to pick out the leaders who were leading and signaling what to do next.

And they clearly had no fear of the police, and seemed to know in advance that the police would let them have their way.

Even bringing in their banners

They brought banners that they brought into the crowd and, at signals, marched behind them around the area and back, continuing to scream chants.

Additional harassment - "ringers" from opposition mingling in crowd

In addition to the rioters, there were others who wanted to subvert the event.

This guy claimed he was a student at Brookline High. But no one had ever seen him before. He went into the crowd and waved the flag throughout the speeches.


This guy has shown up at other Tea Party events, plants himself in the crowd, and is obviously trying to discredit and intimidate people.

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