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Outside State House at June 14 Marriage Amendment vote:

Mother with 9-year-old son charged with assault and battery after reacting to sexual-laced verbal attack by homosexual activist.

Woman was targeted, set up, and provoked because of sign she held.


BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (JUNE 14, 2006) The homosexual movement's strategy of vicious harassment and provocation continues, with the full cooperation of the police and judiciary.

Diane Steele, a mother from western Massachusetts, came to the Constitutional Convention with her 9-year-old son on June 14 along with hundreds of others to hold a sign and support the Marriage Amendment. In front of the State House, the pro-family people were on one side of the street and the homosexual activists on the other.

Diane was peaceably standing on the pro-family side of the street with her son, inside the blue police barricade. Her sign (see below) was provocative but nothing like the hate-filled anti-Christian signs the homosexual activists were waving. Even a little dissent isn't tolerated.

Sexual-laced verbal assault

It's very clear that they set her up. Soon after the vote was announced, homosexual rights supporter Jack Kirschenbaum of Malden went across the street and stood right next to her. A friend was standing right in front of them. Kirschenbaum began a vicious attack against Diane. "Why do you hate so much," he started out, and it went on from there non-stop, without allowing Diane to even reply. Then it got sexual. "Are you a virgin?" he shouted at her. "Have you ever had an orgasm."

At that point, Diane slapped him. "I wasn't really thinking about it," she said later. "It was just an instinctive reaction." It sounds reasonable to us. 

(Does this legally constitute a sexual harassing verbal assault? The police weren't even interested. Also, the son was apparently several yards away and didn't hear the incident.)

Arrest, charge, and 5 hours in jail cell

Immediately, Kirschenbaum turned to some nearby Boston policemen and screamed "Charge her! Charge her!" Without even asking questions, two policemen lunged at Diane, handcuffed her, and brought her to a nearby police station. (Why did this petite woman require being handcuffed? A good question.)

Kirschenbaum's friend gleefully posted his photographs of the "incident" on various homosexual websites. We've reprinted them below.

Diane was fingerprinted, photographed, put in a cell for five hours, and charged with criminal "assault and battery". A friend, who had been watching over 9-year-old son while Diane was dragged away in handcuffs, finally was able to post bail, but she had to stay in Boston overnight. The next morning she was formally charged in Boston Municipal Court.

(An interesting footnote: Inside the police station were lots and lots of homosexual newspapers, and more were delivered while Diane was there. Her friend brought home a few - see below.)

Diane Steele is appeared in Boston Municipal Court on July 18. Her case has been continued, and there will be another hearing in August.

THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!  We will keep you up to date on all developments.



We've rarely seen such a transparent set-up. The following four photos have been posted on various pro-homosexual web sites. The fifth photo is what was at the police station. 
Since we posted them here, a person named Tim Pierce (who admits to being a same-sex marriage supporter) contacted us saying that he took photo #1 from across the street but did not take the others, and indicated that he was mainly interested in what the sign said. It would certainly appear that photo #1 was taken earlier. As for #2, #3, and #4 -- we can only conclude they were taken by a an accomplice of Kirschenbaum who "happened" to be standing there. 

Diane Steele and sign. After the vote, this sign seemed pretty apropos. But too much freedom of speech can't be allowed, it seems.


Diane Steele, still standing behind blue barriers set up for pro-family group. Kirschenbaum comes over and harangues Diane Steele with sexually-laced invective. As she slaps him, gay activist snaps first photo.


Brave Boston policemen grab mother and wrestle her into submission.

. . . And they securely handcuff her before taking her away. After all, they need to protect the mean streets of Boston!

And at the police station . . .

Here's a sample of the homosexual newspapers lying around the police station. Actually, there was one "normal" paper there also.

Contact the Boston Police Department:  617 343 4200