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IN HANDCUFFS David Parker, parent of kindergartner, stands before Judge Robert McKenna in Concord District Court on Thursday morning, April 28, after spending the night in jail.

April 27 - During meeting at elementary school police cars come to arrest David Parker.

David Parker is arrested, handcuffed, and taken through back door of police station into jail.

April 28 - David Parker is led into court in handcuffs by uniformed officer.

Some of the media coverage:

Immediately after Parker's arrest & court appearance:

Read Boston Globe newspaper article

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And since the arrest:

National Public Radio broadcast,  May 3, 2005, includes David Parker, Lexington Supt. William Hurley, and Robert Skutch, author of "What's a Family?"

"The O'Reilly Factor,"
May 10, 2005, featured David Parker and Article 8 Director Brian Camenker!
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John Leo column, Oct. 2, 2005, in US News & World Report, and various web sites.

Lexington, Mass., father of 6-year-old arrested, spends night in jail over objections to homosexual curriculum in son's kindergarten class.

"Because of the same-sex marriage law people are treating this as a mandate to teach the youngest of children." 
        - David Parker, parent of 6-year-old, arrested Apr. 27, 2005

What you are about to read and see below is shocking and frightening, something that no one would have believed possible in America. But now in Massachusetts, propelled by the same-sex "marriage" ruling, this could become commonplace. Each month this reign of madness becomes more aggressive.

In this report, below, including photos:


Summary of what happened

On April 27, a Lexington, MA, parent, David Parker, was arrested by the Lexington police and charged with "trespassing" at his son’s elementary school during a scheduled meeting with the principal and the town’s Director of Education over his objections to homosexual curriculum materials. Parker had asked for notification and possible opt-out for his son for homosexual curriculum or ad-hoc discussions by adults in his son’s kindergarten class. After several months of communication, he was repeatedly told that his requests are "not possible." He finally said he would not leave the meeting until this was resolved.

After being arrested and spending the night in jail, Parker was arraigned on Thursday, April 28, in Concord District Court. When he informed Judge Robert McKenna that he had not been allowed to call his lawyer, the judge scolded him for not being respectful. Parker was released on $1,000 surety bond. He was officially informed that he may not set foot on any school property in Lexington, or he will be arrested again for trespassing.  A hearing was set for June 1, followed by court appearances on Aug. 2 and Sept. 19.

New superintendent is no different. During the summer, Dr. Paul Ash took over as superintendent of Lexington Schools from William Hurley, who was serving in an interim capacity. On Sept. 22, Ash announced he was ordering teachers to give NO notice when discussing homosexual relationships with children, even in elementary grades. (see report below). Ash also continues to enforce the no-trespass order against Parker. At the Sept. 19 court appearance, Judge McKenna gave Ash an extra 30 days to decide whether to lift the ban, after Ash had complained he hadn't had enought time.

Statement by David Parker (April 27, 2005):

“I, David Parker, am the father of a kindergarten student at Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts. Since the beginning of this school year, my wife and I have learned that school materials and discussions about gay-headed households/same-sex union issues have been exposed to the children. There are definitive plans to increase the teacher/staff/adult mediated discussions of these subjects.

“We have officially stated on many occasions—to the Lexington school administration—a request that we be notified when these discussions are planned, and want our 6-year-old opted out of such situations when arising “spontaneously”.

“Our parental requests for our own child were flat-out denied with no effort at accommodation. In our meeting on April 27, I, insisted that such accommodation be made and refused to leave the meeting room. I was informed that I would be arrested.”

Events leading up to the arrest

Timeline of events and email exchange between Parkers and principal.
Extremely enlightening. This is the timeline of events starting in January and leading up to the final meeting and arrest on April 27, 2005.

Original book brought home by kindergarten class.
Here's the book, "Who's in a Family," that started it all. It came home with the Parker's kindergarten-age son in January. (Also, some of the books given out in other grades.)

Parkers attend elementary school's "Anti-Bias Committee" meetings.
Here's what the Parkers witnessed (and were told) -- a real eye-opener. In Massachusetts (and other places) much of a school's radical agenda gets in under the radar through these semi-official committes of radical teachers, administrators, and some parents, which operate outside of any formal oversight.

Other family in David Parker's elementary school leaves town over homosexual agenda in school.
David Parker is an unusual -- very special -- man, in that he was willing to stand up and fight for his rights. Unfortunately, too many parents feel so overwhelmed and or intimidated that they see their only option is to leave. (And this is exactly what the so-called "diversity" crowd likes to see happen!)

The night before arrest: Parker addresses the Lexington School Committee with his concerns, gets ignored.
The night before the final meeting (and arrest) David Parker spoke passionately before the School Committee about his situation. And they rudely ignored him. They wouldn't even give him the courtesy of a reply.

The arrest and court appearance
including meeting & negotiation with school officials

The meeting and "negotiation" -- followed by arrest, jail, and court appearance (plus photos).
Very dishonest tactics throughout, as the Superintendent pretended as if he were willing to reach a settlement with the Parkers, then at the end pulled the rug out and had him arrested.

Following the arrest, Superintendent makes public statements to discredit and demean Parker.
Read Superintendent's statements to the press, and his press release (sent with home with every child in the school). Unbelieveable.

Superintendent sends letter to Parkers officially denying their request to be notified when adults discuss homosexuality with their son.
Completely Orwellian - must be seen to be believed. Superintendent even gets the son's grade wrong (says "first grade" instead of "kindergarten"). It's clear he didn't actually read Parker's written request, since he continues to misstate concerns as primarily centering around the original book.

Gov. Mitt Romney on television making statement in support of David Parker.

Massachusetts Governor supports David Parker with statement on television the day following arrest:

"We have in Massachusetts a parental notification statute specifically in matters related to human sexuality. If a parent wants to be informed of what is being taught in a classroom and wants to have their child withdrawn from the classroom for that portion of the class dealing with human sexuality, that parent has the right." (Thurs., April 28)

Arrogant acts by Lexington school officials

Superintendent bans Parker from all school property indefinitely.
Initiated by then-Acting Superintendent William Hurley, and continued by new Superintendent Paul Ash (who took over July 1). David Parker cannot pick up his son from school, attend parent-teacher meetings, go to school plays or sports activities, go with his son to the recent "back to school" event, attend School Committee meetings -- or even vote on election day! The Superintendent of Schools refuses to lift the ban, even after all these months.

September 22 - Superintendent of Schools orders NO notice to parents on teaching homosexual relationships, even in elementary grades.
Unbelieveable; a first in America! You read this correctly. This must be the most draconian anti-parent edict by a public school administrator ever.  In defending this move, Superintendent Paul Ash cites a very strange interpretation of Mass. Parental Notification Law (which WE wrote & got passed)!

Read the Massachusetts Parental Notification Act  which the school is ignoring. In this case, the Superintendent claims  that homosexuality is not about "human sexuality issues" but "real life" that must be taught to kids. [NOTE: This law was written and submitted before the Legislature by the current director of MassResistance. It passed in 1996 and was signed by Gov. Bill Weld.]

Events since the arrest --
court appearances, vilification campaign
by homosexual activist groups, demonstrations.

June 1 Court Appearance (plus photos):
Apparent heated discussion with judge regarding criminal trespassing charge. Lesbian activists show up at hearing to intimidate Parker supporters and influence news reporters. Case continued until Aug. 2.

June 5 - Statewide Rally for David Parker (plus photos)
At Celebration International Church in Natick, people came from all over Massachusetts to support David Parker (pictures). Great speeches! Outside - picketed by gay activists.

August 2 Court Appearance (plus photos)
More gay activists come to intimidate, but are completely overshadowed by numerous Parker supporters (pictures). Arrogant Lexington city officials continue to ban Parker from all school property, as son about to enter 1st grade. At hearing, jury trial scheduled for Sept. 21; Parker's lawyers give press conference.

September 6 - Rally for David Parker on Lexington Battle Green.
This says it all.
Parker's friends and neighbors gather to give him support, make speeches, etc., on historic Lexington Battle Green. But gay activists organize a  huge counter-demonstration to intimidate them, including left-wing church leaders and even elected public officials!

David Parker Rally on Battle Green (plus photos)
Parents gathered for rally at Lexington Battle Green to protest town's order keeping parent David Parker off all school property. Opponents want ban to stay - claim Parker's against "children, families, schools" because of his stand on parental notification on homosexuality.

Pro-gay counter-demonstration across street (plus photos)
Angry pro-gay supporters -- including local public officials & liberal clergy -- counter-demonstrate at David Parker rally.

David Parker's speech at Rally
David Parker's speech: "Parents stand your ground! Don't return their hate and intolerance when fired upon, But if they mean to have a war over our parental rights, Battling for the hearts and minds of our children, then let it begin here."

Police determine Parker's safety is threatened - escort him from planned TV interview (plus photos).
Police determine Parker's physical safety threatened by enraged pro-gay activists, refuse to let Parker do on-site TV interview; escort him away.

Current Status: On October 20, 2005, the Middlesex County District Attorney decided to drop the criminal trespass charge against David Parker!  See full report here.  Later, Superintendent Paul Ash finally recinded the no-trespass order against Parker. But Parker was informed that still no notice would be given if the schools were to discuss homosexuality with his son.

More to come, as events unfold!

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