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The Laramie Project

“The Laramie Project” is a play that uses a brutal murder to demean and demonize Christians and others with traditional moral values on homosexuality in such an extreme way that they seem bigoted, hateful, and even likely to kill people. It employs a powerful psychological technique that uses gruesome violence and excessive profanity to drive home its point. Promoted nationwide by homosexual activist organizations, the play's Web sites and reading materials also lead impressionable kids to very dangerous homosexual and transgender activist groups.


Naturally, the production of this play in the local high school causes great distress and outrage among many citizens in the the Acton, Mass. community. Unfortunately, the play's advocates, (including school officials) have taken a hostile and even vicious approach to any criticism of it.




What it's all about: Undermines Parental Rights, Leads Students to Radical Groups

A parent's reaction. Here's why parents are outraged and what students have been given to further promote the play's message.



From Parents: Why you need to be concerned

Written back in June for parents and educators.



Quotes from the play and study materials

Fairly detailed reading. Was a handout at parents' forum on Oct. 3 2007.


More information on The Laramie Forum, the Matthew Shepard murder, hate crimes, homosexuality, and more.

Articles, books, links, etc.



A parents' forum in Acton, MA to discuss their concerns -- and the attempts by school officials and pro-homosexual activists to silence and intimidate them.



The Parents' Forum Oct. 3, 2007, with photos

Acton school officials refuse to attend . . . but major homosexual activists come from across the state to intimidate.


Local newspaper writes slanted, misleading article on parents' forum

Unfortunately, it's what what we've all grown used to.


Letters to editor to celebrate play, intimidate critics

Why would a people publicly support a school production that they knew was deeply offensive to people, demeaned their religious beliefs, and would cause them pain?




* Hostility of school and school officials

* Boston homosexual activists target parents

* Local business supporting play