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Parents in Acton, MA put on public forum on "The Laramie Project"

To explain to town why violent, profane, anti-Christian, homosexual play is offensive to many, dangerous to kids, and shouldn't be produced at the public school.
Acton school officials refuse to attend . . . but major homosexual activists come from across the state to intimidate.

(See photos below)

ACTON, MA (OCTOBER 3,2007) Parents in Acton, Massachusetts, disturbed and outraged that their school was having kids perform an anti-Christian play that glorifies homosexuality and has extreme violence and profanity, decided to take their case to the community by putting on a forum to explain their side of the debate.

They asked MassResistance to help organize it, and we were glad to help. We brought in some great speakers and planned it carefully to make it as informative as possible. And the forum did go off quite well.

But unfortunately, others in the community and outside did their best to derail it. All but one of the school officials refused to attend. The director of the play, Linda Potter, sent out an email urging people to boycott the event. A local left-wing activist, Debra Simes, actually went around with a petition to get people not to come to the event!

Approaching Acton-Boxborough High, where the forum was held.

Prior to the forum, homosexual activists from out of town were communicating with students and others to demonize the parents. There were fears of violent disruption to such an extent that the school felt the need to hire policemen to guard the event. And in face, many from the homosexual movement from Boston and beyond was there at the forum to intimidate people. The hardcore homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows" brought two people to cover it.

Unfortunately, the local Acton newspaper, the Acton Beacon, wrote an article that was extremely biased and misleading.

Two of the speakers came from out of state, but one of them, Stephen Bennett, was involved in a mysterious hit and run car accident on his way, when he had stopped to pay a toll. He was injured and forced to go back to his home in Connecticut. Stephen is a well-known former homosexual who is now married with two children.

The speakers

(NOTE: The forum has been shown on Acton Cable TV and will be available on a DVD very soon.)

The forum lasted from approximately 7:45 pm till 10:00 pm. The speakers each had a unique message:

Scott Wilson is an Acton parent who was the main organizer of the forum. He welcomed the audience and discussed in general what the forum was about, why they were putting it on, and some of the ground rules.

Jim Lafferty, who traveled from Virginia to address the forum, attended the trial of the murderers of Matthew Shepard, the character that play is about, in Laramie, WY. He talked about the media circus that surrounded that event, as well as the appearance of Rev. Fred Phelps from Kansas. Although Phelps has no connection to anyone in the conservative movement and was a peripheral character at the trial, the play uses him as a major character to demonize Christians. Jim also talked about the actual motives of the killers, which came out in the trial, versus the fictional accounts in the play. Jim worked in the Reagan White House and on the staffs of several public figures in Washington, DC.

Dr. John Diggs is an internist who has lectured around the world on the subject of sexually transmitted diseases. He talked about the messages about homosexuality that the play presents, particularly to impressionable kids. He discussed extreme medical and psychological dangers of homosexual behavior, and of normalizing homosexuality to children. He also discussed the broad public health dangers it represents, which school authorities and others are reluctant to admit, but which the Center for Disease Control and others have documented. Dr. Diggs' paper entitled The Health Risks of Gay Sex can be read here.

Brian Camenker is a parent in Newton and director of MassResistance. He talked at some length about the actual reasons the play is considered so offensive by so many people. He showed that the play was written by a homosexual activist for the admitted purpose of demonizing Christians and others with traditional values, and normalizing homosexuality in the minds of the audience.

As theatre, the play is quite boring and tedious. But it includes a great deal of gruesome violence and profane language. It would never be performed in schools were it not for pro-homosexual staff members who expend a great deal of effort to get it in, and to fight parents who raise any concerns.

The play is being promoted nationwide by national homosexual groups. The handouts by these groups for kids and adults say that the play will cause kids to question their core beliefs and their parents' beliefs on moral issues.

He discussed how the play employs crude but sophisticated psychological techniques to make its point. It uses extreme violence and profanity to connect the gruesome death of Matthew Shepard to Christian beliefs. The effect is to make the audience feel that Christians and others with traditional moral values are hateful and bigoted -- and are likely to commit similar murders. The refrain that "the seeds of hate are here in our community" is used over and over again to drive that point into peoples' minds

These psychological techniques are similar to techniques used by the Nazis to whip up the local populations into a hysterical frenzy against the Jews during the 1930s, portraying Jews as disgusting vermin that threaten society.

Also, the various Laramie Project websites lead kids to several hardcore homosexual websites which promote and encourage dangerous (and disgusting) sexual behaviors, as well as transgenderism, body mutilation, etc.

John Russo, a former school committee member in Reading, talked about the extent of the homosexual agenda in the public schools, to the point where this play would even be considered.  Even many people in the audience weren't aware how bad it is. John particularly talked about how it's now in the elementary schools, with story books about homosexual romance being read to very young children.

He also talked about the goals of the national homosexual movement going back over 35 years, starting with their 1972 manifesto and list of long term goals, and how The Laramie Project is the result of years of pushing the agenda, little by little, into schools across the country.  John also brought several handouts for the audience, which he had on a table during the event.

More photos from the forum

Most of the people who attended felt it was a valuable evening.


Two policemen watched over the proceedings. But why did the school feel they were needed?  The answer: Homosexual activists had threatened to disrupt the forum. That's their interpretation of "free speech."


Photographers from various downtown homosexual publications felt the need to be at the forum and take LOTS of pictures. Mostly for intimidation.


Reporter from "Bay Windows" hardcore homosexual newspaper in Boston, picking up some of the handouts. Somehow, we don't think we persuaded him of anything.


Prominent homosexual activists and founders of the "Know thy Neighbor" site Tom Lang (left) and his lovely bride, er, husband ... oh, whatever.


As the forum began, the homosexual activist photographers got more obnoxious, so we had to curtail flash pictures.


Boston-based transgender activist Mark Snyder, who has also organized disruptions of church services, was spotted standing in the back of the room.