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Homosexual movement continues its assault on children in schools:

PARENTS OUTRAGED: Second-grade teacher (in David Parker's school!) reads "modern fairy tale" to class on homosexual romance and marriage!

Teacher tells parents that theme of day was "weddings" and that gay marriage is legal - "I want to present all points of view." NO notice given!

Principal tells parents (1) they cannot opt out (2) there will be no parental notification despite state law and (3) "I will not guarantee that something like this won't happen again".

Pro-gay Superintendent and School Board Chairman tell TV reporters they agree with decision.

Teacher attended GLSEN presentation promoting homosexuality in classroom. David Parker makes statement.

Click here to see pages from the book "King and King".

Take a look at this. Who would write a book like this for young children? What kind of person would read it to them? What kind of people are we employing in our schools??

LEXINGTON, MA - APRIL 19, 2006. Lexington public school officials have told Rob and Robin Wirthlin that since "gay marriage is legal" they may describe homosexual relationships to their son in second grade, without notice, and that parents may not opt their child out of such discussions. The Wirthlins were livid.

Yes, this is the same town -- and even the same school -- that embroiled itself in the David Parker incident last year, over pushing homosexuality onto young children without parental knowledge or consent. And now, the envelope's being pushed even further.

Son comes home with bizarre story. On March 24, their second-grade son came home from the Estabrook Elementary School and repeated to his mother the story read to him earlier that day about men getting married to each other. His teacher had read the book "King and King" to the class, in which a prince doesn't want to marry any princesses, but instead falls in love with a princess's brother and marries him in a big palace wedding. Mrs. Wirthlin remembers that it was so startling to her son that he described details of the book such as that "the queen even shed a tear."  It obviously made an impression on him.

This is a children's book about homosexual romantic love and "marriage". Its purpose is to normalize homosexuality in the mind of a child, using the vehicle of a children's fairy tale. It was brought into the classroom by the teacher for that reason, and read to the kids for that reason.

Mrs. Wirthlin also remembers that her son repeated "Isn't that silly. . .isn't that so silly. . .isn't it funny?" that afternoon when he came home. He obviously knew that such an idea was unnatural and abnormal, even though the teacher wanted her class to believe otherwise.

The Wirthlins immediately contacted the teacher, Heather Kramer. Kramer acknowledged she had read the book to the class, and admitted that it was not part of the curriculum. At first, she claimed that it was the kids who insisted that she read the book to them, after she had put it out in the classroom for them to see. (However, as Mrs. Wirthlin pointed out to us, that's an absurd excuse. In a second-grade classroom the teacher is supposed to be the adult, not another child. But in their subsequent meeting, it became clear that the teacher had intended to read it.)

Read the emails between the Wirthlins and the school on this issue.

Meeting at the school. Several days later, the Rob and Robin Wirthlin came to the school and met with the teacher and principal, Joni Jay. It was a very unsatisfying meeting, to say the least, they told us. Heather Kramer told them that the theme of that day had been "weddings" and that since "gay marriage is legal," she said, she "wanted to present all points of view." It didn't seem to bother her that the Wirthlins considered this to be intrusive indoctrination.

During the meeting, Joni Jay told the Wirthlins that they may not opt their son out of these discussions, and no notice will be given, and that she cannot guarantee it will not happen again. She added that has no plans even to inform parents even after such incidents have taken place. This arrogance is truly breathtaking.

"We are outraged," said Mrs. Wirthlin. "This is a highly charged social issue. Why are they introducing it in the second grade? And we cannot present our family's point of view to our children if they don't tell us what they're saying to them."

Mrs. Wirthlin documented the meeting in an email, which she sent back to the teacher and principal for any corrections. They emailed her back, but with no comment on her synopsis of the meeting, nor did they answer her further questions. They simply told her that if she wanted to discuss this further, she would need to go to the superintendent.

Support by town's school administration. As described on two Boston-area TV news reports, Lexington Superintendent Paul Ash and School Committee Chairman Helen Cohen, both with a history of promoting the normalization of homosexual behavior in the schools, both supported the actions by the principal. Ash gave reporters his public statement that sexual orientation and homosexual relationships do not constitute "human sexual issues" as described in the Massachusetts parental notification law -- M.G.L. Ch. 73 Sec. 32a. Therefore, Ash has instructed teachers NOT to give parents any notification on these topics!  And Helen Cohen appeared on TV saying that since there are so many homosexual "parents" in Lexington, she believes they must "affirm" homosexuality in the public schools for the sake of the kids.

Click here for Ash's statement, also printed in the local paper, telling teachers they DON'T need to inform parents when discussing homosexual relationships with kids.

And there's more. David Parker informed us that this teacher, Heather Kramer, attended a presentation in Lexington last year by the Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) on promoting homosexuality in the classroom. Parker was also present (we'll be publishing a description of that meeting), and he said he remembers Kramer being "very enthusiastic" about having lessons on homosexual behavior in the elementary school grades. People need to take notice: GLSEN is making huge inroads in elementary schools across the country. Believe us on this! 

Parker, whose son is was in the first grade in Estabrook Elementary School, noted that he's recently discovered that it's gotten worse for them, also. The book which started it all last year, "Who's in a Family?", is now in their son's classroom for all the kids to read -- along with a similarly homosexual-themed book: "Molly's Family."  And the Parkers aren't happy. About this latest incident in the second grade, David Parker says:

"This incident proves that they are intentionally exposing young children to positive portrayals of homosexual attraction and marriage for purposes of coercive indoctrination - beyond the parents' reach, without notification or opt-out, and against the will of parents. The school administration has clearly demonstrated that they want young children to affirm and embrace homosexuality and gay unions in the compulsory setting of our public schools. God only knows how often this is occurring in our schools and they refuse to let parents know. This is the most insidious of trespassing upon parental rights and the innocence of young children. I will not allow this to continue. Let it be known - they have forced the hand of the Father to act."