(2016-present) Massive attempts to punish Bill Whatcott for passing out "hate speech" flyer during Toronto Gay Pride Parade

Bill and unnamed friends dressed up as "green zombies" and handed out flyers with Bible verses and health risk information during 2016 Toronto Gay Pride Parade. LGBT activists tried to sue him and the Ottawa government put him on trial to jail him, lost, and is forcing him into court again.

The "crime" (June 2016)

Bill Whatcott’s so-called “Hate Crime” at obscene Toronto Pride Parade in June 2016: Video of the Christian “green zombies” who joined the parade, handing out Bible verses and health risk information. Note that they are surrounded by a group of naked homosexual marchers.

Flyer handed out by Whatcott and his “Gay Zombies” at 2016 Toronto Pride parade.

The $104 million lawsuit filed by LGBT activists (2016)

Pete Baklinski, “Gay activists launch $104 million suit against Christian for Preaching at Pride Parade," LifeSite News, 8/17/16

To make their point on a national level, the plaintiffs held a grand press conference announcing the lawsuit in the Press Gallery of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Their absurd hysteria over this was stunning.  Video here.

Canadian press coverage of the $104 million lawsuit:

The $104 million lawsuit was dropped by plaintiffs in 2019 when they learned Whatcott had neither personal funds nor wealthy donors.

Absurd nationwide arrest warrant to arrest Bill charge him with a crime (2018)

Two years after the Toronto Pride event, Whatcott was taken into custody in Calgary on a criminal charge that his flyer was unlawful “hate speech”:

Pro-family activist in Canada under bizarre nationwide arrest warrant – for passing out ‘anti-LGBT’ flyers. Will turn himself in to police.  June 21, 2018.
Canadian MassResistance ally Bill Whatcott charged in two “hate speech” cases. Being sued by “gays” for $104 million. Toronto police bring criminal charges. (Includes Canada’s federal “hate speech” definition.)

Canadian pro-family activist Bill Whatcott interviewed by MassResistance (June 22, 2018)
An hour before his extradition to Toronto where he is charged with a "hate crime" for passing out Bible quotes and health risk alerts at the Toronto Pride Parade in 2016. 6/30/18

Pastor Artur Pawlowski leads fiery Christian protest as Bill Whatcott taken into custody (June 22, 2018)
Outside Calgary, Alberta Police HQ as pro-family activist Bill Whatcott is taken into custody on national “hate crime” charge. 6/26/18

Pastor Artur Pawlowski strongly rebukes the cowardly Christian churches (June 22, 2018)
As Bill Whatcott is taken into custody in Calgary for national “hate crime” charge. 6/26/18

Christian protesters blast media covering Whatcott arrest in Calgary (June 22, 2018) Angry words for the biased mainstream media. 6/26/18

“Anti-LGBT activist released on bail; Bill Whatcott admits to distributing pamphlets at Pride parade, denies they are hateful,” Xtra, June 26, 2018.

Canadian activist Bill Whatcott endures abuse in jail for pro-family stand – 6/30/18
Denied food for 24 hours. Deprived of needed medicine. Finally out on bail but facing absurd criminal charges. Later fired from job after LGBT pressure.

Toronto TV news coverage of Whatcott’s bail hearing in June 2018 here.


Above: Illegal nudity at the 2016 Toronto Pride parade.

The 8-day trial (Dec. 2021) - and appeal by the government (2023-2024)

Whatcott’s trial for criminal “hate speech” for his Toronto Pride flyer finally took place in Ottawa in December 2022. MassResistance’s exclusive coverage:

Major trial of pro-family activist Bill Whatcott for "anti-LGBT hate speech" begins in Toronto. But Canada's preeminent defense attorney is defending him! The "crime"? Handing out medical flyers at obscene "Gay Pride" parade. Government is aggressively seeking a prison sentence. 10/7/21

Was this verdict too good to be true? Apparently. The verdict was appealed and Whatcott must stand trial a second time! (Date of trial pending.)

Unbelievable: Ontario Attorney General files appeal of Bill Whatcott's acquittal on "hate speech" charges! Shows the vehemence of the Canadian gov't against criticism of LGBT behavior. “Double jeopardy” unconstitutional in US but legal in Canada. 2/5/22

Unbelievable: Canada APPEALS pro-family activist Bill Whatcott's "Not Guilty" verdict for "inciting hatred." Trial this week in Toronto. In Canada you can be tried twice for the same crime. Obsession with crushing anti-LGBT dissent. But Bill still has his outstanding lawyer. 6/18/23

Feb. 2024 trial date postponed.Justice Lorne Sossin (he/him) ruled that Justice Robert Goldstein erred in not allowing expert testimony by Nick J. Mulé, PhD. Mulé, Project Director of the 2SLGBTQ+ Poverty in Canada study, is a professor in the School of Social Work, and cross-appointed to the School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies and the Faculty of Health at York University. 


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