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Homosexual "Youth Pride Day" May 12, 2007

The Parade - youth (and adults) march down streets of Boston and past State House

After the speeches, the kids were organized into groups to march in a "youth pride parade" through the streets of downtown Boston and past the State House.

As you can see by the pictures, some very disturbed-looking adults were attracted to these kids.


This is what "transgenderism" is all about. A huge man in a dress marching with two girls dressed as boys. This man showed up everywhere that day.


This is the Lambda Car Club again, as part of the youth parade. We didn't notice any "youth" in the cars, just a bunch of adults.



Appears to be an official "PFLAG" t-shirt. PFLAG was here in force, and is an official member of the Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth, which spearheaded this event.



What's a "college and young adult" group doing at a "youth" event??

By the way, CAYAC is funded by the Gill Foundation, a major homosexual funder.


A couple of guys watching the kids go by. It appears that BostonDuckTours has a special
rainbow vehicle for their specialty clients.


MassEquality is an adult homosexual activist group. What are they doing in a "youth" parade? We can only imagine.



This man dressed as a woman is the head of BAGLY, and is a major transgender activist. He was also stationed at the door of the transgender prom.

This seems to be the only kind of parents that an event like this attracts.


Yet another adult-run group targeting kids.


This is a pornographic adult theater group. They call themselves "The Theater Offensive" and the name fits very well. They also have a summer theater group for teens, now actively recruiting public high school students. Receives money from Gill Foundation, national funder of homosexual activism.


This is what the "gender identity" lobby does to vulnerable kids.


Reporter for homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows." Affectionately (?) known as "the Weasel" because he's always there digging up stuff.


Below are a few of the high schools that marched in the parade. And a lot of adults there with them!


LHS - Lexington High School.