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Homosexual "Youth Pride Day" May 12, 2007

Speeches on the Boston Common

The Youth Pride Day "Celebration" began at noon with speeches, music, and tables by homosexual organizations. Master of Ceremonies was a drag queen (see below).  Kids were bussed to the Boston Common from all over Massachusetts.

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"It's love, simply love. That's what today's all about . . . Even love the bigots. " (See video below.) This is the message that was blasted over the loudspeakers by Kathleen Henry, longtime Chairman of the "Commission on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. This should tell you all you need to know about how these adults feel about your children -- and you.

Kids gather at the stage to hear the message.

Drag queen (i.e., man in women's clothes) "Raquel Blake" was the Master of Ceremonies.
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Rather than show up himself, the Governor sent John Auerbach, the new Mass. State Commissioner of Public Health. Auerbach, who is "married" to another man, talked about how wonderful it is being gay. (This is public health in Massachusetts??)

He also said that he's make sure there's enough HIV testing available for everyone.


They brought up this lineup of students on stage for a "gay" message.


Featured speaker, a bisexual activist.

Also one of the speakers - Pamela Garramone, executive director of Greater Boston PFLAG, which hosts an annual transgender conference ("Transcending Boundaries") promoting sexual sadism and polyamory (group sex). Big on pushing transgenderism on children.


Here's a view of the Boston Common festivities as you approach the area.



A couple of guys just standing around watching.


A couple of gals who showed up.


This guy was wandering around taking pictures. But when we took his picture, he screamed at us. He's hired by Fenway Community Health Center to pass out condoms and lube in the Fenway to gay "cruisers." What was his reason for being at Youth Pride?


This is a man dressed as a woman. He was at the events all day, mingling with the kids.


Acting out. The t-shirt says "Nobody knows I'm a Lesbian." Black shirt appears to have bisexual or transgender symbol (it's hard to keep up).


In the photos below, these poor girls didn't mind getting attention as they act out their "gay" identities.



One of the dozen or so vendor tables. At several of them, adults encouraged kids to
"sign up" giving personal information.

The kind of "love" you get from a group like PFLAG you really don't want! As mentioned above, PFLAG hosts annual transgender conference pushing extreme sexual perversions.


Different rules. On the left, this grandfather was immediately stopped by two "security" guys and told he couldn't take pictures (he ignored them). On the right, this photographer for the homosexual newspaper "Bay Windows" gets to shoot away at anything!