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Lawyers, Leaders and Activists Issue Warning to Voters:

"Conservative Elites" Covering Up Romney's Betrayals on Marriage, Life, Children and Constitution.

(WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS January 2, 2008) A growing list of conservative leaders are circulating a strong public warning about "the conservative establishment's aggressive cover-up of the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-gay adoption policies" of Mitt Romney while governor of Massachusetts. The letter accuses Romney's stable of prominent "conservative" leaders, lawyers and pundits of gross malpractice, ruthless ambition and dishonesty toward voters. 

It calls on principled conservatives to firmly condemn the rent-a-conservative feeding frenzy on Mitt Romney's money and the cover-up of his actions as governor -- most of which he did while pretending he was forced to either by judges or non-existent laws. Their letter details numerous stunning aspects of Romney's record that are known to few Americans. These include:

  • boosting funding for pro-homosexuality indoctrination of schoolchildren, and refusing to order his education officials to enforce parents' legal right to protect their own children from unwanted indoctrination about homosexuality
  • falsely claiming Massachusetts law required Catholic adoption and foster care agency to give children to homosexual couples 
  • personally issuing over 180 special same-sex marriage certificates purely at his own discretion, and claiming a law forced him
  • lying about the state constitution by pretending Massachusetts judges have legal authority to create "gay marriage" and using that deception to force officials to issue marriage licenses illegally modified without the legislature's approval and perform the ceremonies, thus fulfilling a secret 2002 campaign promise to homosexual groups
  • claiming that a law somehow "forced' him to sign a new law subsidizing abortions at $50 each with Planned Parenthood established as the fox guarding the henhouse 
  • and many other actions in return for campaign promises Romney made to gay groups and the pro-abortion lobby. 

Read the public letter (with signers) here

"The entire record of Mitt Romney's political career is that of a man whose Mormon background has no more influenced his zigzagging statements, positions and policies than Ted Kennedy's or Hillary Clinton's religion influences theirs," said John Haskins, of the Parents' Rights Coalition, who like the other signers from Massachusetts, regrets having voted for Romney four years ago. "Romney's traveling circus is just political special effects, issue after issue. He looks good, but he's a walking mannequin. There's absolutely no core in this man," added Haskins, who has spent the last three years communicating with law professors, lawyers and judges and documenting the legal malpractice of supposedly "conservative" legal experts covering up how Romney misrepresented the state constitution to claim a court opinion had imposed "same-sex marriage."

"Behind the empty gestures and deceptive rhetoric, Romney was not pro-life or a defender of marriage by any stretch of the imagination. He was a disaster," said John O'Gorman, a member of the board of directors of Massachusetts Citizens For Life (MCFL), the state-wide group Romney has been deceptively claiming awarded him a pro-life leadership award. " The award Romney arranged for himself with the local Pioneer Valley Chapter was the Mullins Award for Political Leadership, not a pro-life award and not approved by MCFL's state board of directors. We're blowing the whistle to warn voters who are being lied to by the crowd that makes big money off the pro-life cause. Real moral conservatives must alert the voters to the ongoing deception by cash-driven, pseudo-conservative elites who've allied themselves with a lying politician," added O'Gorman.

"We who have been in the trenches since 1973 know Mitt Romney has not switched to a pro-life stance, as he claims. He has merely switched to a 'states' rights' pro-abortion position - attaching a 'pro-life' label to it," said Ray Neary of ProLife Massachusetts. "Just overturning Roe v Wade would not legally prevent a single unborn child from being destroyed - but only change the locale," added  Neary, who is also a past President of Massachusetts Citizens For Life (MCFL), 

Three other senior persons at MCFL agreed the pro-life award Romney has been boasting about is very dubious and does not represent any decision taken by the group's state-wide leadership. MCFL had considered Romney a hard-core pro-abortion politician who had no interest in meeting with them. To get the award, Romney paid $15,000 and went around MCFL's state headquarters to deal with a willing local politician who arranged the award through a local chapter.

"MCFL was in financial difficulty when Romney's check came in and has been reluctant to contradict him publicly," Haskins said. "There are some very fine people associated with MCFL, but to let Romney hustle voters with this conveniently cooked-up pro-life award is a tragic mistake. It allows lawyers and consultants like Jay Sekulow, Jim Bopp and Mark DeMoss, who have gotten rich over the years wheeling and dealing with the Republican elites, to call the honest pro-life heroes liars and to mislead voters. We have no choice but to speak up. If Mitt Romney outruns his record in Massachusetts and buys his way into the White House it will be partly because people who know the facts did not expose this pro-life award as not much more than a dime-store rip-off."

William Cotter, president of another Massachusetts pro-life group, Operation Rescue-Boston, agreed: "It's just not possible to honestly call Romney's record 'pro-life -- even after the just-in-time staged conversion. Mitt Romney is not pro-life. On balance, his policies were pro-abortion."

"The state constitution is brutally clear that the judges had no power to legalize same-sex 'marriage' or to order the governor or the legislature to. To hide the fact that he is personally responsible for it, Romney's been buying up big-name conservatives like cattle at an auction," said "Atty. Robert Paine," the pen name of a prominent attorney who wrote the unrefuted and authoritative proof that Romney lied about the state constitution and misrepresented the Goodridge court opinion as having "legalized" homosexual marriage. "Lots of the lawyers and law professors covering up for Romney or who are silent have a vested interest or have close colleagues who do," added Paine, whose legal arguments ("The Governor's New Clothes; How Mitt Romney Brought Same-Sex Marriage To America" ) have been affirmed by numerous law professors, attorneys and retired judges. "There's no way to describe this other than malpractice. Romney and his lawyers are lying about judges and laws forcing his actions on homosexual marriage, gay adoption and $50 abortions," Paine said.

"For some bizarre reason the mere fact that Romney's never been porced and goes to a temple regularly is supposed to negate the fact that he's extremely liberal," said Linda Harvey, President of Mission America, an author, columnist and national expert on the rapid expansion of the pro-homosexuality curriculum in schools. "Gullible conservative voters eat that clean image stuff up," she added. "That's why the media and the establishment thinks he can part the Red Sea. He's the perfect Republican liberal who can seduce conservatives and then leave them heartbroken as he did in Massachusetts. He used his Republican and Mormon identity to push through radical policies on gay marriage, abortion and pro-homosexual school programs that Ted Kennedy always dreamed about."

"A clean-cut family man who after six decades in Mormonism was still strongly pro-abortion and pro-homosexual unions, pushed gay adoption, actively funded pro-homosexuality indoctrination in schools over parents' objections and was far sloppier than any Democrat with constitutions... Now there's a politician the establishment can trust," said Peter LaBarbera, President of Americans for Truth.

"The Mitt Romney that governed Massachusetts was a man totally without the core principles that Mormons espouse," said Gregg Jackson, a talk radio host in Boston and author of Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies. This man is throwing tens of millions of his own dollars into projecting a conservative, pro-family, pro-traditional marriage, pro-life image since he decided to run for president. He wasn't even a real economic conservative, if you scratch beneath his smooth talking points. He's the Wizard of Oz, a fake. I'm a professional and Romney fooled me for a good while."

"He kept on saying he was being forced to do these things, by the law, by the judges," Haskins said. "Who bothers to do the research to find out if the law or the state constitution says what he claims? The media sure didn't. They were beside themselves with glee. And he kept on finding supposed 'conservatives' to vouch for him. We'd find out months later there was money or career opportunities involved...like Jay Sekulow's son -- a student -- getting paid as a consultant for Romney. Most of the conservative establishment rolled over for this con man or went silent when their friends did. The only word for it is malpractice," Haskins added.

"Anyone who takes seriously the high-flying conservatives vouching for him has no clue how terribly money and power have corrupted once respected conservatives," said Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania.

The letter documents how Romney's, Sekulow's and Bopp's claim that Massachusetts judges forced Romney to order officials to perform homosexual "marriages" is directly disproved by the Massachusetts Constitution and by previous admissions by the court itself -- including one year earlier -- that they do not have the power Romney pretends that forced him to "obey" them.

Besides veteran social conservative leaders and writers, the signers include a retired administrative judge and former Assistant Minority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate, a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and other attorneys from Massachusetts. The overwhelming majority have no loyalties to any other candidate, none have cited Romney's Mormonism as a primary concern, and all have investigated Romney's record far more than many of those vouching for him. Almost all of those in Massachusetts voted for him four years ago.

(All organizational affiliations of are for identification purposes only. This information is solely for educational purposes and not in support of any candidate.)

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