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Mitt Romney loses temper at campaign stop in Chicago when questioned about his role in same-sex "marriage" in Mass.

Presidential candidate responded to embarrassing question at meeting.

POSTED: March 30, 2007 UPDATED: Jan 12, 2012

On Tuesday, March 6 , Sandy Rios, talk-show host of WYLL in Chicago (AM 1160) attended a meeting with Mitt Romney, attended by about a dozen people. The meeting was very cordial and calm until she asked her question to Gov. Romney.

Sandy asked a question about Romney's actions after the same-sex "marriage" ruling by the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court (which were reported in an Associated Press article and are well documented). She asked why Romney had the marriage certificates printed up with "Partner A and Partner B" instead of "husband and wife", even though there was no mandate (from the Legislature or even the courts) for him to take that action.

Romney got angry and tried to deny it.

Hear the audio broadcast from WYLL radio in Chicago, March 9, as Sandy Rios explains what happened.

Read the Associated Press report from April 25, 2004, which describes what the Romney Administration did.

As Sandy Rios recounted the incident to MassResistance:

Simply put, the exchange went like this:

“Governor Romney, you just mentioned the detrimental effects of children being raised by same-sex partners…no one at this table knows better than you or the people of Massachusetts the effects of legalizing homosexual marriage on children.  You are familiar, sir, with the issue of David Parker, whose appeal was defeated just last week.  The courts declared that parents have no right to have any say in the content of public school curriculum or to opt their children out of its teaching.  Consequently, children as young as kindergarten are being exposed to graphic homosexual information and lifestyles.

"Many people who oppose this in Massachusetts thought you were their champion. They were extremely disappointed when you ordered city officials to begin performing same-sex ceremonies and that marriage certificates be reworded to state “partners” rather than “husband” and “wife” before it was ever passed into by law as mandated to the legislative branch, not the executive, by the Supreme Judicial Court. In all due respect, sir, why did you do that?”

At that point Romney lost his temper. He said it wasn’t true and in so many words that I was lying. He asked if I was an attorney and I said “no, sir, I am not.” “I am a graduate of Harvard Law School.” He stated. One of the men in the room remarked “maybe that’s the problem.” He continued coming after me…would not stop when interrupted by an aid. His last words were “what candidate is a champion of marriage more than I?”

The meeting prior to that had been extremely cordial…the questions about matters of taxation and business and healthcare. He was completely surprised by my challenge and his response was troubling to many of us.


Another sad chapter in this sad story of Gov. Romney trying to run away from his past actions..