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Save Our Churches

A hard-hitting video commentary series by Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez is a college professor at a Christian seminary and director of MassResistance TV. As an ex-homosexual, he is particularly disturbed that barely anyone is sounding the alarm about the rapid infiltration of the LGBT movement (and other radical movements) into virtually all the major Christian denominations – and even a major Orthodox Jewish yeshiva. “The spiritual warfare is so vicious and complicated,” he said, “and somebody has to talk about it.”

Episode 7: Lessons learned at 'Politicon' and the MassResistance conference


Dr. Lopez relates ten insights on Christianity and today's conservatism gleaned from these recent events.

Episode 6: Shocking lessons from El Salvador for Church Warriors


For eight days this month, Dr. Lopez was traveling and doing missionary work in El Salvador. What he saw changed his outlook considerably.

Episode 5 - Ten more stories on the "culture war" within Christianity


For Episode 5 we continue our look into the breadth and depth of left-wing (and LGBT) subversion in all the major American churches, with a few spots of good news here and there. Your host: Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez.

Episode 4 - Stories from the battlefield


Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez relates more stories from the battlefield of the ongoing culture-war attacks on conservative Christian churches. With a special interview with Rev. Tom Littleton.

Episode 3: The LGBT attack on churches


More Top Ten Stories of the the ongoing left-wing and LGBT attack on conservative Christian churches - including subversion from within!

Episode 2: The infiltration of churches


Across denominations and around the world, the infiltration of churches from the LGBT lobby and other leftist groups continues.

Episode 1: Introducing "Save our Churches"


Our hard-hitting series: "Save our Churches" featuring Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. The infiltration of the major denominations needs to be confronted!



Welcome to MassResistance TV! For a long time we’ve felt that there’s something important missing from the battlefront that the rest of the pro-family conservative movement just doesn’t provide. So this is different than our regular MassResistance postings. It’s direct. It’s edgy. It’s culture warfare. (And it's not posted on YouTube, so it won't be taken down by some snotty Google liberal!)

(Some of you may remember MassResistance Radio from 2006 and 2007. Each show then was broadcast on local Boston AM radio. It was certainly the most unrestrained show of the time, and most informative on culture war issues. Our new effort will continue in that vein!)

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