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"Fistgate":  What homosexual activists in schools do with children

The "Fistgate" tapes: Part II

Hear (and read) for yourself the graphic details of homosexual activists teaching public school children techniques of homosexual sex.

June 15, 2009

WARNING: THIS CONTAINS GRAPHIC AND DISGUSTING DESCRIPTIONS.  We posted it here because it involved state employees and schoolchildren -- and these actions are still being defended by the homosexual movement in Massachusetts.

Fistgate - Part 2

Part II (Duration: 11:19)  In this tape:  Desensitizing kids while in middle school; determine your sexual orientation through experimenting; homosexuality is normal; in ancient Greece boys would have older male lovers; the Bible does not condemn homosexuality; people can't choose not to be homosexual; adults going to middle schools to talk about homosexuality.

Narrated by Scott Whiteman, who attended the GLSEN-Boston "TeachOut" conference on March 25, 2000, personally witnessed what happened, and made the recordings. At the time he was Executive Director of Parents' Rights Coalition (now known as MassResistance).

Transcript of Part II

Desensitizing kids while in middle school

In order to get high school students to talk so freely about sex, you have to desensitize them while they are still young. If you can convince them while they are young that homosexuality is normal and romantic, they will have no objection to it when they are older and considering having sexual experiences.

The following recordings were made in a workshop entitled: "The Struggles and Triumphs of Including Homosexuality in a Middle School Curriculum."

One of the purposes of this workshop was to demonstrate to homosexual teachers ways to get around the roadblocks that parents, principals and administrators set up to protect children from the moral depravity of homosexuality.

Don't knock it until you've tried it

Twelve-year-old children who ought not even be thinking about sex wrote on the blackboard comments about homosexuality which reveal how little they actually understood what it was.

Woman: For homosexuality they said, "Don't knock it until you've tried it. Just like you haven't tried a vegetable, how do you know you don't like it?" [laughter] That was interesting. Also, "When did you decide to become a lesbian and have you ever considered becoming one?" Questions like that and they're playing the role to do the presentations.

Don't knock it until you try it -- seventh-grade students equated trying homosexual sex with trying different vegetables as if the two were comparable. No seventh grader makes these types of statements on her own. She doesn't even know what she should be trying. This teacher has indoctrinated her seventh-grade students -- twelve-year-old students -- to believe that experimentation is the best way to learn about their "sexual orientation."

There's nothing wrong with homosexuality

In this workshop, the lesbian teacher presenter let the group watch a video she had her seventh-grade students prepare to convince the administrators, principal and fellow students that homosexuality was normal and not about the sex. Seventh-grade students are in no place to make determinations about "sexual orientation." Additionally, teachers have no right to make students participate in a curriculum which will override the moral choices of their parents.

Woman: And now what I'm going to do is show you one of the things they did on homosexuality.

Girl: … and we're going to prove that there is nothing wrong with being a homosexual. At the end of our program … there will be a series of questions in which we are going to carve a niche out to see if you can get the answer right before we actually have sex. And we hope you enjoy yourself.

In ancient Greece boys had older male lovers

As the MCAS scores show, a comprehension of history is lacking in Massachusetts schools. However, this lesbian teacher has found time enough to teach her students about the Greek acceptance of homosexuality. You are about to hear a seventh-grade student tell her twelve-year-old peers that celebrated homosexuality has a glorious history.

Girl: The word "lesbian" comes from the island of Lesbos where a Greek poetess Sappho [unclear]… Greek people embraced homosexuality. In fact it was considered normal for adolescent boys to have an older, wiser man as their lover.

Did you catch that? A seventh-grade student just told her peers that it was normal for an adolescent boy to be sexually mentored by an older and wiser man. We specifically tell our children not to accept candy from strangers. We specifically teach them to say, "Mommy's in the shower" if no adult is home. But here, a Massachusetts teacher tells her adolescent students that they should be honored if they were sodomized by an older wiser man. The actions of this teacher are reprehensible and without excuse.

The Bible doesn't condemn homosexuality

There is a lot of talk about prayer in schools. Regardless of the discussion, any suggestion that there should be a Bible discussion in school is automatically outruled. Yet our seventh-grade student will gladly misrepresent to her fellow students what the Bible says about homosexuality.

Girl: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? It depends on [unclear] ... homosexuality is not wrong. Traditionally religion has denounced gay and lesbian relationships because sex was supposed to be only for procreation. The Bible has some [unclear] ... to justify persecution and discrimination against gays and other groups of people.

Many passages in the Bible, however, teach people to love one another -- to treat others with respect and not judge others. Although the Bible is sometimes used as a weapon against them being gay and lesbian, it's still considered a helpful guide in their life. And it doesn't matter what everybody else thinks. What counts is what you think.

Actually the Bible explicitly condemns homosexuality as sin. There is absolutely no way to state otherwise.

Homosexuality can't be changed

Girl: Can homosexuals choose not to be gay? Homosexuals can choose not to practice homosexual -- homosexuality. That is, they can decide not to have sex with members of their own sex, but for most gay people it is probably not possible to choose how they feel inside and which sex they are attracted to.

Again, the propaganda is well at work in this young child. She has already learned that homosexuality is inborn and unchangeable. The truth is that thousands of homosexuals have left the homosexual lifestyle and many have moved on to fulfilling heterosexual marital relationships.

In this presenter's emphasis on homosexuality in her classes, she told the story about a SpeakOut representative coming to one of her classes. SpeakOut is a tax-funded organization which coaches children how to tell their gay story to their classmates and teachers.

"SpeakOut" -- adults coming to middle schools to talk about homosexuality

This teacher told of her bad experience with SpeakOut because he told too much to her seventh graders. He told the students how to have anal intercourse. What she didn't know was that particular speaker was in her workshop.

Man: I am that speaker who was at the middle school and brought the topic up of whether or not homosexuality was illegal. And the other topic was, do gay men go to rest areas to meet other men and -- [laughter]. This is a very difficult thing to talk with anybody -- even seventh graders and a seventh-grade classroom.

And our policy with SpeakOut is that you can ask us anything and we will answer truthfully -- as best to our knowledge, our experience. And so the way I felt about it was even though they were young kids, we read the questions they had written and they were very explicit and a lot of them were about sex.

And I don't know what the school policy is about sex ed and how much you tell the kids. But our policy is that we don't lie, we don't hide things, and we'll try to address it to the kids' level So I tried to be very, um, let's use the legal terminology of sodomy -- and that it is part of our culture. And I wanted to make sure that the kids are aware that it wasn't enforced against heterosexual sodomy; it was enforced against homosexual sodomy. And the other thing about stereotypes of gay men -- you know, hanging out at rest areas and, you know, being like, um, predatory kind of thing.

I wanted the kids -- 'cause they had just seen the movie there, something about marriage --You know, these are kids that are twelve years old and they are watching R-rated movies so, you know, kids are exposed to this. And they need to talk about it. And they can't talk to their parents, they can't talk to their teachers sometimes, and they can't talk to their churches or synagogues. So who do they talk to? Well, they talk to SpeakOut.

SpeakOut, a tax-funded organization, will fill your children with homosexual propaganda in the schools with no concern about school policy, parental rights, or deeply held religious beliefs. Children are told to ignore what everyone else thinks, including their parents, about sexuality.


A famous poem in homosexual circles called "The Homoerotic Order" by Michael Swift states:

We shall sodomize your sons --
Emblems of your feeble masculinity
Of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies.
We shall seduce them in your schools, in your youth groups --
Wherever men are with men together.
Your sons shall become our minions to do our bidding.
They will be recast in our image.
They will come to crave and adore us.

Before today, this poem was easily dismissed as the rantings of a rabid homosexual activist. Today it is fulfilled by Department of Education employees. The Department of Education and many school districts around the state fully endorsed what was taught at the [2000] GLSEN TeachOut Conference.

Our public resources -- your tax dollars -- are used to form Gay Straight Alliances in Massachusetts. There are 700 Gay Straight Alliances nationwide. Because of the support our Governor and Department of Education gives to the homosexuals here, there are nearly 200 in our state. That means on average that there are ten Gay Straight Alliances in each of the other states. Two hundred in Massachusetts. Ten in any one of the other 49 states.

Do you wonder where your state will be in five years? Look at Massachusetts today. What will your children be taught about homosexuality in five years? Look at Massachusetts today.

What workshops will your children's teachers attend in five years? Look at Massachusetts today.

This is a short list of the workshops from the March 25th GLSEN Conference:

  • Ask the Transsexuals

  • Early Childhood Educators: How to decide whether to come out or not

  • Getting Gay issues included in elementary school staff development, curriculum development, and the PTA

  • Lesbian Avengers: How to promote queer-friendly activism in your schools and in your lives

  • Strategies and curriculum ideas for addressing gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues in a high school English curriculum

  • Diesel Dykes and Lipstick Lesbians: Defining and exploring butch/femme identity

  • And finally:
    The Religious Wrong: Dealing effectively with opposition in your community.

These are workshops about safety? These are workshops about tolerance? Are these workshops about civil rights? It is not about safe schools. It is not about human rights. Thanks to our Department of Education we have proven that homosexuality is about sexualizing your children.