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Kevin Jennings' photo
-- in the conference program

Infamous "Fistgate" conference

"Fistgate conference" program

Your guide to the workshops from hell!

Includes special welcome from the Massachusetts Commissioner of Education, David Driscoll -- the conference was co-sponsored by the State of Massachusetts!  Kids and teachers were bussed in from across the state. The conference was even promoted in elementary schools!

Check out the conference program including:

1. Welcome from GLSEN/Boston Executive Director & GLSEN conference coordinators

2. Mission statement & schedule of events

3. Kevin Jennings / Keynote address

4. Official welcome from Massachusetts Commissioner of Education (on official stationery)

5. GLSEN "Visionary awards" to kids

6. List of workshops

7. Major donors, advertisements.  (Including Starbucks Coffee, Trader Joe's, Mass. Teachers Assn.)

The conference program

BELOW: Kevin Jennings at conference, holding the program
(Massachusetts News photo.)