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Outrage against CPAC from across the conservative network

February 22, 2018
UPDATED February 27, 2018

Since word got out on Feb. 13 that CPAC had banned MassResistance from having a table. (More posts being added.)

Breitbart: Massachusetts Pro-Family group banned at CPAC

LifeSite News: Top U.S. Conservative event CPAC bans Pro-Family group, approves Pro-LGBT

LifeSite News - Doug Mainwaring Top U.S. conservative event CPAC has been hijacked by LGBT activists. Trust me, I used to be one

LifeSite News - Amy Contrada: ‘Proud to be conservative; proud to be transgender’: CPAC is transitioning

Washington Times - Robert Knight: Love and hate in sharp contrast

Mission:America Radio - Linda Harvey: Is America Sodom Revisited? - With guest Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez

American Family Radio - The Hamilton Corner: CPAC rejects Mass Resistance but embraces the Log Cabin Republicans (Starts at 39:00 min)

American Family Radio - Bryan Fischer: Brian Camenker of Mass Resistance: CPAC dominated by libertarians and pro-gay activists; reject pro-family activists and groups (Starts at 12:00 min)

American Thinker - R.O. Lopez: Postcard from a Coal Mine: CPAC 2018

American Thinker - Amy Contrada: CPAC Is Transitioning. Prediction: The American Conservative Union will allow transgender activists as exhibitors at CPAC 2019.

America's Survival TV - Cliff Kincaid: Conservative Group Banned from CPAC - Interview with Brian Camenker

America's Survival TV - Cliff KIincaid: Banned! The Inside Story of CPAC 2018 - Interview with Eugene Delgaudio

America's Survival TV - Cliff Kincaid: The Swamp Takes Over the Conservative Movement

America's Survival - Cliff Kincaid: The New Conservatives: Pro-Gay, Pro-Pot, Pro-Russia

Janet Mefferd Radio Show: Interview with Brian Camenker - CPAC (Starts at 25.00 min)

Janet Mefferd Radio Show: Robert Oscar Lopez - CPAC/The Silencing of Pro-Family Groups (Starts at 1:12 min)

Janet Mefferd Radio Show: Peter LaBarbera - CPAC, Transgenderism, and the conservative movement

VCR America Radio: Peter LaBarbera discusses CPAC banning MassResistance (Click on Listen mp3 near upper left)

Catholic Vote Radio Hour - R.O. Lopez: Why is #CPAC2018 Banning Pro-Family Groups?

WND: CPAC bans Pro-Family group for ‘tone’ towards gays

WND - Joseph Farah: No, I will not be at CPAC

WND - LInda Harvey: CPAC bends over for 'LGBT' bullies

Education News: Transgender Elementary Principal…CPAC bans group trying to battle LGBTQ agenda

AFTAH: CPAC bans Pro-Family group MassResistance as Exhibitor - LaBarbera urges decision be reversed

AFTAH: Is CPAC Conservative When It Bans Anti-Gay-Agenda Exhibitors While Welcoming LGBTQ Activists?

AFTAH: Kincaid Interviews LaBarbera, Camenker on CPAC Banning Pro-Family Groups Fighting LGBTQ Agenda

The Resurgent: CPAC bans social conservative group while embracing LGBT group

The Stream - R.O. Lopez: CPAC Now Enforces LGBT Inspired Bans

Restoring Liberty - Joe Miller: CPAC bans Pro-Family ‘tone’ towards homosexuals

BarbWire - Arthur Schaper: CPAC 2018: ‘Cowardly’ Political Action Committee rejects MassResistance

BarbWire - Amy Contrada: Massachusetts Pro-Family MassResistance Banned at CPAC! Pro-family group asks: Is the conservative movement dead?

Barbwire - Arthur Schaper: Exposed: Cowardly CPAC CAVED TO LGBT NOW IS CRASHING AND BURNING

The Wanderer (Catholic newspaper): AWOL Conservatives Desert The Culture Wars

I Belong, Amen! Ministries - David Arthur: Dear CPAC 2018 (Video)

English Manif blog - R.O. Lopez: Mapping the Swamp: Divide & Conquer, Part 2: HOPE AND FEAR


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