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Mainstream media attacks MassResistance’s Health Hazards of Homosexuality book at national Values Voter Summit

Flood of vituperative articles across the USA and as far away as Britain

The truth really hurts, apparently.

November 1, 2017

A BuzzFeed reporter got our flyer at the conference and tweeted this photo of it. It was reprinted by dozens of other news outlets, websites, blogs, etc.

The Values Voter Summit, held in Washington DC in mid-October, included dozens of high-profile speakers including President Trump. It attracted thousands of attendees from across the country. But aside from the speeches by President Trump and his former advisor Steve Bannon, the biggest national (and international) news coverage of that conference was about MassResistance!

For several days MassResistance was the object of vicious and unhinged attacks by the liberal media in the US and even in the UK. It’s because we were the one pro-family group willing to bring up a subject that the Left wants silenced.

Headline from major British newspaper The Independent.

As we recently reported, MassResistance was an exhibitor at the conference. Among other things, we were selling our powerful 600-page book on The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, which contains information from the federal Centers for Disease Control and other mainstream medical sources. It documents in detail the enormous public health problems – both medical and psychological – associated with homosexual behavior. In today’s society, this is critical information everyone should know, especially given what’s being pushed on young children in schools across the country.

A flyer for the book was included in the packet of materials given to every attendee when they registered. And that became an international news story!

One would not think that such a book at a pro-family conference could be so alarming or unusual. But to the liberal media, anything that portrays LGBT behavior as abnormal in any way must be directly attacked. And pro-family people must be kept fearful about touching the issue.

As soon as the media found out about the flyer, reporters started calling the MassResistance office. “Did we really advertise the book at the conference?” they asked. “Of course,” we answered.

That afternoon, one article after another began appearing in the mainstream media. There was no pretense of being unbiased. The tone of most was quite angry (or worse). The “hate group” label, as absurd and phony as it is, was repeated over and over for every conservative group involved. The term “fake news” was appropriate!

Curiously, many articles quoted fairly extensively from our promotional material and also from the book itself. The purpose seemed to be to “show” how terrible we are. But that only works with hardcore liberals. For everyone else, it shows how disconnected the media is from reality.

NBC News reprinted this part of the flyer in their article. It may have helped us sell more books!

Here’s a sample of what was published:

NBC News started it off by linking the flyer to President Trump, announcing:

A flier promoting a book on the "health hazards of homosexuality" was distributed to guests at Values Voter Summit where President Trump spoke.

The article also included an attack on Dr. Paul Church for endorsing the book.

USA Today published one of the most unhinged and purposefully untruthful articles we’d ever seen. They said:

They needed 600 pages to cover homosexuality, and included every false, outdated, disproved bit of nonsense they could dig up. No comments about the health hazards of heterosexuality, but I assume they didn't think they could sell that one, especially to their credulous readers. No part of the LGBT community is spared their attack, not even transgender children.

“Disproved nonsense?” All of the book’s facts come from well-documented mainstream medical sources. No one disputes that. The writer is clearly angry that the book discusses the problem of young children being caught up in “transgenderism,” and how physicians have warned that this is terribly abusive. This vehement reaction tells us a lot about the state of USA Today.

Yahoo News posted a photo of the flier with the caption, “The 2017 Values Voter Summit is as disturbingly anti-gay as expected.”

Huffington Post went a step further. They posted a bizarre video interspersing President Trump and a photo of the Health Hazards book. The video had eerie music in the background and even slowed down Trump’s voice for effect.

A scene from the bizarre Huffington Post video, with eerie music in the background. You can watch it here.

AOL gets the award for the sloppiest reporting, which is saying a lot in this context. Here’s what they told their readers:

Pictures of the booklets allegedly handed out at the event appeared to feature insights from the book, "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality" ...

“Booklets”? “Allegedly”? “Appeared to”? No – the flyer actually was handed out and actually had quotes (or “insights”) from the book. But when you’re a reporter depending on second-hand posts from other fake-news outlets, you can’t be too careful.

Across the Atlantic Ocean in Britain, the The Independent and The Guardian newspapers both had pretty quick articles about this. The Independent was the only media outlet that actually quoted anyone from MassResistance (although like several others, they spelled Brian Camenker’s name wrong).

Here's the breathless quote from The Independent article:

 [Camenker] added: “The media propagates this myth that [homosexuality] is just like everything else, and there’s no health effects.”

Yup, the quote is correct. Are we supposed to be afraid to have said it?

Besides these and several other “mainstream” media outlets, this was covered by dozens of “gay” other far-left newspapers and websites. We’re not going to bother quoting from those. We’ll leave that to your imagination.

“Right Wing Watch”

The Left’s attack machine didn’t want to be left out!

Right Wing Watch is a pseudo-news website, which regularly uses whatever’s in the news to publish vicious attacks on pro-family conservatives. Funded by a wealthy left-wing foundation, it is known for its adolescent and amateurish style of writing where “facts” are twisted or simply invented.

Right Wing Watch sent one of its “reporters,” Peter Montgomery, to the Values Voter Summit. He stopped by the MassResistance booth and paid cash for a copy of The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. He then wrote a “review” attacking the book.

This is the lurid Right Wing Watch headline. Actually, this time it's not too far off the mark!

Like most of the others, Montgomery doesn’t deny the documented facts in the book. He simply says it’s hateful and bigoted – and says that discussing the pertinent facts make the book “near-pornographic.” For effect, he peppers his article with two-year-old out-of-context quotes from Brian Camenker, whom he erroneously depicts as the sole author of the book. (It was actually written by a MassResistance research team. Camenker, however, wrote the Foreword.)

Montgomery even took a photo of the flyer and the registration bag from the conference, which he sent around to the “gay” media.

Right Wing Watch "reporter" Peter Montgomery took this photo of the MassResistance book flyer and the registration bag at the Values Voter Summit. It appears in the Huffington Post article and others.

Predictable venom from “gays”

One of the most predictable parts of these kinds of media splashes is the wave of hate from individual homosexuals. This comes in tweets, comments on articles, and targeted emails. Much of it is unhinged and quite sexually obscene. If anything, it confirms what the book says about the psychological instability that the LGBT lifestyle brings.

In this case, almost a hundred of them also went to the Amazon page for the book and gave it bad reviews and “1 out of 5” star ratings. But since none of those are labeled by Amazon as “verified purchases” of the book, it’s pretty obvious what’s going on.

Good coverage by pro-family media!

It wasn’t all bad, by any means. Some of the national pro-family media picked up on this quite well.

LifeSiteNews, in particular, did an excellent summary of all this titled “Liberals mad Trump spoke at event where guests learned truth about gay STD epidemic.”  Another good article was by Jennifer Roback Morse in The Stream, titled, “The Medical Risks of Homosexuality and The Values Voter Summit.”

Another plus from all this was that since so many of the “mainstream” media articles quoted extensively from the book and its promotional materials, we actually ended having a spike in sales during that time!

Lessons learned - again

But more important, we learned – again – just how much the Left relies on fear, intimidation, and political correctness to keep their lies and agenda in place and keep pro-family people silent. They become unhinged and angry if that’s violated in any substantial way. And for good reason – their house of cards gets exposed.

The real lesson is that the pro-family movement must stop being cowards. The truth is our best weapon. We need to use it over and over again!


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