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The 'gay' war on children in Massachusetts:

Part 1: 2011 "Gay Youth Pride" day in Boston. Pushing gay sex, transgenderism at youth event. See two VIDEOS below.

POSTED: July 8, 2012

(This is the first installment of a multi-part series.)

Massachusetts leads America (and probably the world) in state-supported homosexual --and now transgender -- activism targeting schoolchildren. If you want to see what's eventually in store for you and your kids across the country and beyond, this is the place to look.

They're serious about changing the world.

The first "gay straight alliance" high school clubs started here in the 1980s. In the early 1990s Gov. Bill Weld (a Republican!) had GLSEN founder Kevin Jennings design homosexual education plans and school curricula that have become the model for pushing the homosexual agenda in schools across America. Gov. Weld personally allocated state money to fund the first "Commission for Gay and Lesbian Youth" to begin putting these programs in the classrooms. And it's gone on from there.

A multi-part series exposing what we've recently uncovered

Over the last few months in Massachusetts the homosexual and transgender groups have stepped up their plans for the classrooms, and their hands-on indoctrination and -- yes -- recruitment of kids in adult-led gay off-campus clubs, gatherings, and events. Most parents and taxpayers don't have a clue what is really going on, and where these state funded activists are taking vulnerable children.

This is the first installment of a several-part series exposing what we've recently found. We have a lot of material. We'll be doing at least one installment each week. We'll also include some important background material going back several years.

"Gay Youth Pride" day on the Boston Common - 2011

We're starting out with last year's state-supported "Gay Youth Pride day" on the Boston Common -- two videos that bring you a first-hand view of that. (The 2012 "Gay Youth Pride" day report is also coming up soon!)

What is "Gay Youth Pride" day? Every May the state-funded "Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth" and other state-supported homosexual groups (along with privately funded GLBT organizations) bring schoolchildren from across the state to the Boston Common -- along with homosexual and transgender adults -- for a day of "gay" youth activities.

It includes entertainment, tables with pamphlets and paraphernalia by local homosexual groups, and a "youth parade" around the block, past the State House, and back. Then in the evening they go to the Boston City Hall for a "private" gay/transgender "prom." This is a "kids" event, for ages middle school through high school and early college. But a lot of adults come in and join them.

Just one example: This pamphlet given to kids at "Youth Pride day" is so graphic and explicit we can't describe it. But you can see it here.

This is just a glimpse, though a shocking one, of the homosexual activists and schoolchildren. They see your kids, especially troubled kids, as activists who just haven't "come out" yet. What you see here us just the "public" part of what they do with kids. We also have more photos and samples of the material they gave out, which we'll be posting later.

First video: Festival, Tables, and Parade

What you will see: Booths and tables by various groups targeting kids. Note that several groups are giving out condoms, lubricant for homosexual sex, devices for lesbian sex acts, and more. Transgenderism for kids is a big theme, with cross-dressing adults mingling. The kids march in a parade with their school "gay" club banners and also non-school "gay" clubs, often chanting slogans about "transgender rights", "homophobia", etc.


Second video: Cross-dressing "performers" and more.

A major part of the "entertainment" for the kids featured drag queens - men dressed as women, some with enhanced female breasts - and women dressed as men, some with hormone-induced facial hair. Also, more adult homosexual and transgender activists mingling with the kids.


Worse than most people know

This is just the beginning of what the homosexual movement really does with your children -- when they can. We have always been upset with how obsessed this movement is with targeting children.

And it's equally outrageous is how politicians support this and willingly vote tax money to pay for it -- even when they know how it's being used -- because of their willingness to appease homosexual lobby and the the politically-correct liberal establishment.

Stay tuned for Part 2 . . .

Some scenes from the videos: