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Seven teachers at Concord-Carlisle High School hold assembly telling students how they "came out" as homosexuals -- encouraging students to do the same

More propaganda targeting vulnerable kids

POSTED: Nov 11 2010

Using the excuse of "gay youth suicides" reported in other states, schools in Massachusetts are intensifying their propaganda to portray homosexuality as a positive, natural, and irreversible behavior for kids to engage in -- and at the same time stigmatize any criticism of homosexuality as dangerous and even a sign of mental illness.

On October 21, a group of seven homosexual teachers at Concord-Carlisle High School led an afternoon assembly describing to students how they "came out" as homosexuals, and how "their lives have improved as a result." They emphasized that "coming out" - publicly declaring oneself as "gay" or "transgender' - is a healthy growth experience, and that once you've finally internalized that you're "gay" (or "transgender") it's permanent but satisfying. The event was reported in the local Carlisle Mosquito newspaper.


At the assembly. Teachers who gave "coming out" speeches (left to right): Special ed teacher Amelie Atwater-Rhodes, science teacher Brian Miller, English teacher Johnny Woodnal, English teacher Shelley Hull, physics teacher Kevin Pennucci, health teacher Nancy Slocum and math teacher Peter Atlas. (Photo by social studies teacher Ben Kendall)

It's not known whether the assembly was mandatory for any of the students, but according to the newspaper report, the school's Little Theatre was completely filled and there was standing room only. It was organized by the schools "gay-straight alliance" club, known as Spectrum. Such clubs regularly work closely with the taxpayer-funded Massachusetts Commission for Gay Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth and the Mass. Department of Education.

Among the seven teachers was math teacher Peter Atlas. Atlas is a long-time homosexual activist, a personal friend and colleague of Kevin Jennings, and former board member of GLSEN. His public homosexual-related activities in schools date back to 1993. A Boston Globe article once described how (among other things) he offers matchmaking advice to gay teens. Read more about Peter Atlas on the MassResistance Blog.

Ironically, Atlas began his talk by saying that all his college friends have died of AIDS. But he's very glad he "came out," and he encourages kids to do it. "My worst day out is better than my best day in the closet," he said.

Several of the teachers described what they portrayed as the irrational fear, "homophobia," and general backwardness of their parents, relatives, and others who first reacted negatively to their coming out. But afterwards, they assured the students, their relatives accepted them as gay, so students shouldn't be worried about that.

Science teacher Brian Miller said he was much happier after coming out because he could "be himself." He thanked the school for being a "safe place" to be homosexual.

Alice Slocum, a health teacher at the school, told the kids that she regrets having waited until college to come out, because it "wasted so much time." She added that coming out solidifies your homosexual identity, and that "once you say it, you can't take it back." She said because she's a health teacher who's come out, a colleague told her that she's "saving lives."

Social studies teacher Ben Kendall, a faculty sponsor of the gay-straight alliance club, concluded the event by encouraging kids to get involved with the gay-straight alliance club. Also, he said, students that they could confide with the school's counseling department with complete privacy -- that no one would tell their parents.

Front page article in local Carlisle newspaper.

Most parents still in the dark, don't see the danger

One mother in Carlisle who found out about this assembly was very outraged. She sent us her thoughts and observations:

  • There is no concern whatsoever about Peter Atlas' comment that all of his college friends have died of AIDS.  Or that 70% of HIV/AIDS cases are homosexual men. Or that a recent CDC report found that 1 in 5 "men who have sex with men" have HIV.
  • She knows of at least one former member of Spectrum (the Concord-Carlisle High School gay-straight alliance club) who has met an early death from a homosexual-related illness.
  • There is no concern from the health teacher (or any others) for the damage to a student's body from homosexual (rectal)  sex.
  • School authorities refuse to tell parents about students' homosexual behavior, which could be life-threatening. However, the school is not even allowed to give a student an aspirin without parents' permission.

Unfortunately, many parents and taxpayers still don't understand and appreciate the militant push in the public schools to normalize homosexuality, transgenderism, and related behaviors in the minds of vulnerable and impressionable kids. This is why the homosexual lobby fights so hard against our strong parents' rights legislation (which we'll be re-filing in the Legislature this year).

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