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Boston Gay Pride 2008 - Transgender Pride Parade, Northamption, MA

Part 3: Weird handouts, flyers, etc., at the transgender parade.

June 7, 2008

What kind of adults run an event like this? What kind of corporations and politicians support it?  Why are we letting this message into the public schools? This "parade" is basically perpetuating serious emotional issues and inner trauma in the participants. 


The "Ride My Rainbow" underwear was selling like hotcakes!


And of course, at every depraved event there's a Planned Parenthood booth.


Harrassment factor.  Green-clad "legal observers" went around questioning people who were taking pictures whom they didn't recognize. Of course, when it's a public parade then it's none of their business. At right, Jennifer Levi of the publicly-funded Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders legal group was also patrolling the area.


To no one's surprise at something like this: "question gender" t-shirts and tatooed women. They just fit right in!


What parade would be complete without flavored condoms and anal lubricant being handed out?

Also handed out to the crowd: flavored dental dams. These are used for lesbian sex acts.

Very disturbing: The Mass. Department of Social Services (DSS) was handing out literature on how the "couples" could become foster parents.


From the University of Massachusetts: "What does transphobia look like?" posters. Really, really weird. To see a larger view of poster click here.


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