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This was prominently displayed - a message for
the boss!

Scenes from the "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" activities -- Youth Pride day, May 13, 2006

Rally, parade, and gay / transgender "prom"

POSTED: June 25, 2006

Your tax money at work. . .


Yes, this is a man in women's clothes with
his arm around a teenager.

This is one of the featured speakers at the
, a boy wearing a bra, neclace, lipstick,
women's earrings (and a growth of beard) who calls himself "Foxy Cleo".


These cards were handed out by adult men to kids. Take a close look at them.
What's really going on here?

These two boys were kissing.

These boys were a little less

These are two girls (we think).

These three were part of the "security" detail. Look closer. All three of them are women!

What fun! Free t-shirts, courtesy of the taxpayers.

This woman runs the "GenderCrash" website, which promotes transgenderism. Is that a beard we see? The hormones are working too well, it looks like.


First-place winner in the costume contest.
Yes, this is actually a girl.


A few of the MANY high school groups that marched through the rain in the parade.


Where do you suppose the kids got the idea for these signs?

Naturally, the adult gay groups get involved as much
as possible.